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Read 10 Global Churches Larger Than America's Largest by James Davis
In the last six years, the Global Church has witnessed more than 1.4 million new church plants with more than 250 million coming to Christ. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is growing faster than any other time in history. Read full article
Read Finish Your Sermon Strong: 10 Mistakes To Avoid by Peter Mead
Finishing a sermon is neither easy nor natural. Peter Mead offers some observances of poor sermon endings and some hints on how to finish strong. Read full article
Read 3 Reasons for Not Giving Up on Easter Outreach by Gary Rohrmayer
"There are still important reasons to consider leveraging Easter as an opportunity for kingdom growth." Read full article
Read 5 Spouse Killers in Your Ministry by Charles Stone

5 Spouse Killers in Your Ministry

Charles Stone 10 Articles
(1 ratings)
Date Published: 2/4/2015
One survey discovered that 85 percent of pastors' wives feel unprepared for the ministry lifestyle. Read full article
Read Reflections on Heaven, Hell, Universalism, and Rob Bell's Confused Theology by Kevin Harney
Occasionally something pops up on the radar of Christians, pastors, and local churches that becomes an important teaching moment. The release of Rob Bell's book, Love Wins, is an example of this. Read full article
Read The Barnabas Factor: Five Practices to Help You Find More Leaders by Larry Osborne
Larry Osborne explains "the Barnabas Factor" in successfully building church teams. Read full article
Read 10 Suggestions for the Shepherd of a Stagnant Flock by Joe McKeever
Non-growing churches are not healthy, at least in some significant ways. Joe McKeever gives his input to help revive a church that seems to have "plateaued." Read full article
Read Rightly Dividing the Preaching Load by Larry Osborne

Rightly Dividing the Preaching Load

Larry Osborne 7 Articles
(1 ratings)
Date Published: 10/11/2011
Larry Osborne: "Sharing the pulpit has proven to be one of the best things that ever happened to our church and to me." Read full article
Read Five Preaching Applications From the Movie Gravity by Jacob Myers
In "Gravity" we find a poignant portrayal of what Christian discipleship might look like. Read full article
Read In Times of Conflict—Preach Joy! by Mark Strong

In Times of Conflict—Preach Joy!

Mark Strong 1 Article
(1 ratings)
Date Published: 2/19/2014
Regardless of your church's climate, one thing remains true: The preacher's task is to preach with joy, whether the conditions are desirable or undesirable. Read full article
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