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Read How to Find the Perfect Sermon Illustration Every Time by Bruce Johnson
The point of an illustration is to provide "a window to the soul." Here is one man's soul-opening method. Read full article
Read 4 Ways to Keep Your Evangelistic Edge in Preaching by

4 Ways to Keep Your Evangelistic Edge in Preaching

 0 Article
(2 ratings)
Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:5
Date Published: 9/9/2011
"I believe that if a preacher will take these four principles and apply them, then the Lord will honor them, and they will see people turn to Christ." Read full article
Read Eugene Peterson on Pastors, Preaching, and Consumer Culture by Eugene Peterson
"I grew up in a culture which was very entertainment-centered. Pastors were really good storytellers, and they were attractive people, glamorous." Read full article
Read Doctrine Is Not Enough: Does Your Preaching Connect with People? by Sherman Cox
Doctrinal sermons are fine, but do they connect to human experience? Read full article
Read Doctrinal Sermons Must Connect to Human Experience by Sherman Cox
We preachers sometimes think that preaching the "truth" is all that is needed. Read full article
Read 3 Ways I Overcome My Fear of Preaching by Greg Stier

3 Ways I Overcome My Fear of Preaching

Greg Stier 6 Articles
(10 ratings)
Date Published: 2/7/2012
Greg Stier can identify with the words of the Apostle Paul: “I came to you in weakness with great fear and trembling.” Read full article
Read 5 Steps to Better Sermon Engagement by Nicholas McDonald

5 Steps to Better Sermon Engagement

Nicholas McDonald 6 Articles
(8 ratings)
Date Published: 8/23/2013
Keep it simple, keep it engaging. And here are some simple ways to do it. Read full article
Read People Listen in Different Ways—Can You Reach All of Them? by Leslie Holmes
You're preaching to one congregation, filled with many listening styles. How can you connect with every individual? Read full article
Read What to Do When Your Preaching Turns Stale by Peter Mead
On the dashboard of our ministry life, we need to have a light that flashes when we are preaching flat. What causes it? What should we do? Read full article
Read You Can't Do That in the Pulpit! 7 Nevers by Joe McKeever
Joe McKeever's list is pretty clear. And we need to hear it! Read full article
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