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John Lowe avatar
Sealing of the 144,000 on Earth
Shared by: John Lowe on Jan, 2017
Summary: The sixth seal had been opened, and the people of the earth tried to hide from God, asking who would be able to survive God’s judgment. Just when destruction seemed sure, four angels held back the four winds of judgment until God’s people were sealed.
Thomas Swope avatar
The Judge Always Gets The Final Word
Shared by: Thomas Swope on Jan, 2017
Summary: A study of the book of Job 38: 1 – 41
Jeffery Anselmi avatar
A New Way to Deal with Anger
Shared by: Jeffery Anselmi on Jan, 2017
Summary: Anger is something we all deal with, but there is a new way to deal with anger so it does not destroy you and those you love.
Scripture: Ephesians 4:26-27
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Neal Gracey avatar
Thy Will Be Done
Shared by: Neal Gracey on Jan, 2017
Summary: People sometimes leave their long term commitment with the church for the wrong reasons, or snap decisions that don’t make sense at all. I am going to d
based on 1 rating
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Tom Clawser, M. Div. avatar
One Lord, One Gospel
Shared by: Tom Clawser, M. Div. on Jan, 2017
Summary: Salvation is for everyone; even those who don't resemble us. With Christ’s help, we can put aside the partiality that binds us, and love people as He does.
Scripture: Acts 10:34-43
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Tom Clawser, M. Div. avatar
Called to Holiness In Christ
Shared by: Tom Clawser, M. Div. on Jan, 2017
Summary: Are you living up to the life God gives you? You’re endeared and endowed; now what?
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:1-9
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Christian Cheong avatar
When Your World Crumbles
Shared by: Christian Cheong on Jan, 2017
Summary: Pray passionately. Submit ultimately. Trust completely.
Scripture: 2 Samuel 12:13-23
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Matt Skiles avatar
Loving God
Shared by: Matt Skiles on Jan, 2017
Summary: If you ask the average person if he loves God, his answer will probably be “yes.” However, many people who sincerely believe they love the Lord are mistaken. Sadly many people who say they love God don't even really "know" Him.
Scripture: Matthew 22:34-40
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Craig Condon avatar
What’s In a Name?
Shared by: Craig Condon on Jan, 2017
Summary: Names mean different things to different people. In the reading we heard from John 1:29-42 a few minutes ago, we heard some of the names given to Jesus and given by Jesus.
Scripture: John 1:29-42
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Brian Hadfield avatar
How should we regard Mr Trump
Shared by: Brian Hadfield on Jan, 2017
Summary: In a Media frenzy and with our own views how do greet this Presidency
Scripture: Isaiah 32:1-8
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Christopher Holdsworth avatar
A Reverent Account of a Horrific Event
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Jan, 2017
Summary: Matthew's account of Jesus' Passion, as viewed from its own Biblical, historical and theological context.
Dr.W.Samuel Legon avatar
Shared by: Dr.W.Samuel Legon on Jan, 2017
Summary: we often ask why this happen to us.
Eugene Pansler Jr avatar
How Do You Maintain A God-like Faith?
Shared by: Eugene Pansler Jr on Jan, 2017
Summary: how do you maintain a God-like faith
Scripture: Mark 11:22-23
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Freddy Fritz avatar
Every Spiritual Blessing
Shared by: Freddy Fritz on Jan, 2017
Summary: The analysis of every spiritual blessing in Ephesians 1:3 teaches us about our spiritual riches.
Scripture: none
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Mark Stepherson avatar
Ezra: A First Person Reflection, (part 1)
Shared by: Mark Stepherson on Jan, 2017
Summary: Ezra reflects on the Exile, the Return, and the Future
Scripture: Ezra 1:1-3
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Michael Deutsch avatar
Connecting Community
Shared by: Michael Deutsch on Jan, 2017
Summary: part 1 of a short series about the need and benefits of Community in the church.
Scripture: none
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Michael Deutsch avatar
Forsaking Ourselves For The Sake of Others
Shared by: Michael Deutsch on Jan, 2017
Summary: Part 2 of a short series about the need and benefits of Community in the church.
Scripture: none
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Matthew Kratz avatar
Revive Us Lord
Shared by: Matthew Kratz on Jan, 2017
Summary: In a prayer to “Revive us Lord”, the Psalmist shows a 1) Remembrance of Past Revival (Psalm 85:1–3), 2) Request for Present Revival (Psalm 85:4–7), 3. Revelation for Future Revival (Psalm 85:8–13)
Scripture: Psalms 85:1-13
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Rev.Andrew B Natarajan avatar
Dig the wells of Blessings
Shared by: Rev.Andrew B Natarajan on Jan, 2017
Summary: Isaac revived the wells of his father Abraham, which brought waters, followed by peace with others. Initially he had to face the problems and hostility yet he was victorious because God was with him.
Scripture: Genesis 26:12-33
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Thomas Swope avatar
When Thunder Roars – Go Indoors
Shared by: Thomas Swope on Jan, 2017
Summary: A study of the book of Job 37: 1 – 24
Series: Job
John Gaston avatar
Shared by: John Gaston on Jan, 2017
Summary: Some were content just to see Jesus, others just to hear His voice, but for one woman, the only thing that would satisfy her need within was to actually make physical contact with Him -- she MUST TOUCH HIM! Are you content with less?
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Mark 5:24-34
Denomination: Assembly Of God
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Peejay Delima avatar
Baby you should go and SAVE yourself ...♩♬♪
Shared by: Peejay Delima on Jan, 2017
Summary: Never waste your time, energy, and life to those people who thinks they’re always better than anyone else - and those with appetites’ impossible to be satisfied!
Scripture: Proverbs 11:4
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James Wallace avatar
Worship--As It Was Meant to Be
Shared by: James Wallace on Jan, 2017
Summary: For once, Jesus is worshiped appropriately and publicly for who He actually was. Authentic worship results in our obeying Jesus completely, loving others impartially and praising Him wholeheartedly, and when we do, the world asks, Who is This?
Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11
Denomination: Bible Church
Views: 47
Wade M. Hughes, Sr avatar
Shared by: Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Jan, 2017
Summary: This is Part#2 of a 2 part lesson on THE RUT OF SAMENESS --- WHEN FEAR HINDERS. Life can become manipulation by using fear to hinder our progress. Fear, worry and anxiety can sap the victory and joy God has designed.
based on 1 rating
Denomination: Assembly Of God
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David Henderson avatar
"Getting our of Jail, free"
Shared by: David Henderson on Jan, 2017
Summary: I read this week in fact that it is possible that up to 80% of those who are currently hospitalized have a stress related illnesses. 80%.
Series: "Find Yours"
Scripture: Matthew 6:1-18
Denomination: Baptist
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Jonathan Vorce avatar
God's Invitation to Us
Shared by: Jonathan Vorce on Jan, 2017
Summary: God's greatest desire is YOU! This message explores God's invitation to us to participate in His promises, become His partner and ultimately to be His people.
Dean Courtier avatar
New Year, New Theme, New You?
Shared by: Dean Courtier on Jan, 2017
Summary: A new year, and a new preaching theme, Discover Your Destiny... Is that something you desire to do this year?
based on 1 rating
Denomination: Pentecostal
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Jim Caswell avatar
What Shakes When We Pray
Shared by: Jim Caswell on Jan, 2017
Summary: Prayer still shakes up our lives when we receive God’s power.
Christopher Benfield avatar
Peace through Contentment
Shared by: Christopher Benfield on Jan, 2017
Summary: Although facing great adversity, Paul had learned to be content. The Lord had been faithful to provide the strength he needed to endure whatever trials or difficulties he faced. We too can learn contentment and receive strength for our trials.
Scripture: Philippians 4:10-13
Denomination: Baptist
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John Lowe avatar
Sixth Seal
Shared by: John Lowe on Jan, 2017
Summary: The martyrs cried, “Avenge us!” but the unbelievers on earth will cry, “Hide us!” The opening of the “sixth seal” will produce worldwide convulsions and catastrophes, including the first of three “great earthquakes."