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Read Preaching When Times Are Tight by David Stokes

Preaching When Times Are Tight

David Stokes 1 Article
(8 ratings)
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1
Date Published: 8/19/2011
The fact is, when current reality begins to let us down, when times turn tough, even tight, this is a moment for us to shift the focus away from this to that, from now to then, from here to there. Read full article
Read A Dozen Ways to Kill a Great Idea by Brandon Cox

A Dozen Ways to Kill a Great Idea

Brandon Cox 24 Articles
(4 ratings)
Date Published: 5/23/2013
From preaching topics to outreach programs, how many great ideas have fallen into these potholes? Read full article
Read 10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Pastor’s Sermons Better by Jared Moore
Most people would be surprised there's anything they could do to help. Why don't you tell them? Read full article
Read What It Really Means to Preach Grace by Richard Ganz

What It Really Means to Preach Grace

Richard Ganz 1 Article
(7 ratings)
Date Published: 11/14/2012
How a chance encounter changed one pastor's preaching forever, all because of a misunderstanding. Read full article
Read Are You Leading the Church You’d Want to Attend? by Bill Couchenour
Relationships are more important to church growth than preaching, media or music. How are yours? Read full article
Read The Arrogance of Preaching by Kenton Anderson

The Arrogance of Preaching

Kenton Anderson 3 Articles
(2 ratings)
Date Published: 2/14/2011
Preaching appears arrogant to people overwhelmed by the limitations of their perspective. Perspective becomes an asset as the preacher bears witness to God in the flesh. Read full article
Read 52 Quotes for This Generation of Church Leaders by Brad Lomenick
52 insightful quotes from Brad Lomenick that pertain to the preaching and pastoral audience. Read full article
Read Leadership Character: Ambition vs. Arrogance by Steven  Furtick
Steven Furtick: "If you’re never accused of being arrogant, you’re [probably] not being ambitious enough." Read full article
Read When to Throw Away Your Sermon Notes by Ted Smith

When to Throw Away Your Sermon Notes

Ted Smith 2 Articles
(5 ratings)
Date Published: 2/5/2013
Some preachers think it's more spiritual to preach without notes. Others think it's more spiritual to use notes. What if it's both? Read full article
Read Make Your Sermons Sticky With Just Three Words by Karl Vaters
Could it possibly be just this simple? Karl Vaters offers a startling suggestion. Read full article
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