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Read How to Preach a Funeral for God's Glory by Harry Reeder

How to Preach a Funeral for God's Glory

Harry Reeder 1 Article
(9 ratings)
Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2:21
Date Published: 10/17/2013
Here's why one seasoned pastor considers preaching a funeral one of his greatest privileges. Read full article
Read Joe McKeever: The Worst Thing About My Own Sermons by Joe McKeever

Joe McKeever: The Worst Thing About My Own Sermons

Joe McKeever 43 Articles
(8 ratings)
Date Published: 2/15/2012
Joe McKeever loves praise as much as the next guy. He also knows the preaching error he is most likely to make. Read full article
Read Check Your Church's Outreach Heartbeat by Kevin Harney

Check Your Church's Outreach Heartbeat

Kevin Harney 3 Articles
(5 ratings)
Scripture: Revelation 2:1
Date Published: 8/9/2011
If your church is struggling to invest in reaching your community and the world, ask yourself this question: Are we a church that is on fire with a passion for God? Read full article
Read Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart by J.D. Greear

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

J.D. Greear 2 Articles
(3 ratings)
Date Published: 2/10/2015
Surveys show more than 50% of people have prayed a sinner's prayer and think they're going to heaven even though there is no detectable difference in their lifestyles from those outside of the church. Read full article
Read Doctrine Is Not Enough: Does Your Preaching Connect with People? by Sherman Cox
Doctrinal sermons are fine, but do they connect to human experience? Read full article
Read 20 Thanksgiving Quotes for Preaching and Inspiration by Staff Writer

20 Thanksgiving Quotes for Preaching and Inspiration

Staff Writer 14 Articles
(1 ratings)
Scripture: Romans 1:1-16:30
Date Published: 11/22/2014
Give some freshness to your Thanksgiving message, or post these inspirational words on your church's website, Facebook page or Twitter feed. Read full article
Read The Patented Preacher by Warren Wiersbe
Why is it that so many preachers do not enjoy preaching? Why do some busy themselves in minor matters when they should be studying and meditating? Why do others creep out of the pulpit after delivering their sermon, overwhelmed with a sense of failure and guilt? Read full article
Read Unchurched or Unsaved? What Our Vocabulary Reveals about Our Beliefs by Trevin Wax
Trevin Wax: I wonder if one of the main reasons for the dwindling number of baptisms is represented by a subtle shift in vocabulary--so subtle that we might overlook it. Read full article
Read Doctrinal Sermons Must Connect to Human Experience by Sherman Cox
We preachers sometimes think that preaching the "truth" is all that is needed. Read full article
Read 9 Things We Can ALL Learn From Billy Graham's Preaching by Dennis Phelps
Someone asked Billy Graham how long it took to prepare a sermon. He answered, "A lifetime." Read full article
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