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Read Busting Out of Sermon Block by
Give your sermons new life every week with this timeless advice from Haddon Robinson. Read full article
Read 9 Points for Preaching on the Problem of Evil by Norman Geisler
The topic of evil offers many onramps to preaching powerful sermons and proclaiming the gospel. Dr. Norman Geisler offers insight for preaching and pastoral conversations. Read full article
Read 10 Preaching Questions with Tim Keller by Colin Adams

10 Preaching Questions with Tim Keller

Colin Adams 3 Articles
(5 ratings)
Scripture: Matthew 7:1-7:5
Date Published: 5/19/2011
Colin Adams interviews Tim Keller about the greatest perils in preaching, sermon prep, and balancing the demands of leadership. Read full article
Read 5 Leaders Examine Plagiarism in Preaching by Tim Keller
New Testament scholar D. A. Carson, senior pastor Sandy Willson, author and senior pastor Tim Keller, senior parachurch executive Matt Perman, and church research consultant Glenn Lucke speak to the issue of Plagiarism. Read full article
Read The Barnabas Factor: Five Practices to Help You Find More Leaders by Larry Osborne
Larry Osborne explains "the Barnabas Factor" in successfully building church teams. Read full article
Read Bill Clinton and the Art of Preaching by Jonathan Martin

Bill Clinton and the Art of Preaching

Jonathan Martin 5 Articles
(20 ratings)
Date Published: 9/13/2012
Politics aside, we can learn a thing or two about the craft of preaching from one of America's great orators. Read full article
Read Church Discipline, Short Skirts, and Angry Deacons by Ray Hollenbach
Loving someone enough to help them find freedom from their fears and appetites is the heart of church discipline. Read full article
Read How to Talk About Money in Church by Jamie Munson

How to Talk About Money in Church

Jamie Munson 1 Article
(15 ratings)
Scripture: John 4:14
Date Published: 5/23/2012
"If we are avoiding the subject or trying to make it more palatable, we are doing our congregations a huge disservice." Read full article
Read Bill Hybels: Do You Have a White-Hot Vision? by Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels: Do You Have a White-Hot Vision?

Bill Hybels 5 Articles
(7 ratings)
Scripture: Romans 12:11
Date Published: 2/4/2013
Bill Hybels, a seasoned church planter with nearly 40 years' experience, shares his insights on how church planting has changed. Read full article
Read A Renewed Mind: The Practice of Humble Thought by Robert Fryling
Robert Fryling explores the human mind as a vital partner to the body and spirit in spiritual growth and renewal. Read full article
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