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Read Gird Your Preaching: 10 Supports by Peter Mead

Gird Your Preaching: 10 Supports

Peter Mead 86 Articles
(6 ratings)
Scripture: Joshua 4:1-4:9
Date Published: 2/6/2013
Imagine the Bible as a "superstructure." Which texts gird the grand message of the Scripture? Read full article
Read 4 Popular—and Dangerous—Preaching Myths by Brian Orme

4 Popular—and Dangerous—Preaching Myths

Brian Orme 1 Article
(5 ratings)
Scripture: Habakkuk 1:1-8:9
Date Published: 4/15/2014
What you think about your preaching while preparing your message might be just as important as the words you say when you deliver it. Read full article
Read One Vital Preaching Skill That Just Can't Be Faked: Do You Have It? by Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox challenges us to ask ourselves the tough questions about a core value. Read full article
Read The Top Secret Agendas Carried by Your Congregation by Chris Surber
Every church member carries an agenda in the secret briefcase of their heart. What's their agenda? Read full article
Read Preaching for Deep Change: Are You Sharing Information or Changing Lives? by Ed Stetzer
Does your preaching give people everything they need to embrace change? Ed Stetzer offers practical suggestions for moving people forward. Read full article
Read Preaching Transformation: The Change We Need by Ed Stetzer
Ed Stetzer discusses the importance of transformation in the life of a Christian and offers points to assist the preacher in helping their congregation see it through. Read full article
Read 4 Ingredients for Making Sermons Stick by Ed Stetzer

4 Ingredients for Making Sermons Stick

Ed Stetzer 13 Articles
(1 ratings)
Date Published: 3/28/2011
One constant that remains essential in every church is preaching. Ed Stetzer talks about how to help your listeners apply what you preach. Read full article
Read Reflections on Heaven, Hell, Universalism, and Rob Bell's Confused Theology by Kevin Harney
Occasionally something pops up on the radar of Christians, pastors, and local churches that becomes an important teaching moment. The release of Rob Bell's book, Love Wins, is an example of this. Read full article
Read The Patented Preacher by Warren Wiersbe
Why is it that so many preachers do not enjoy preaching? Why do some busy themselves in minor matters when they should be studying and meditating? Why do others creep out of the pulpit after delivering their sermon, overwhelmed with a sense of failure and guilt? Read full article
Read Urban Preaching Myths in the Pulpit by Trevin Wax

Urban Preaching Myths in the Pulpit

Trevin Wax 3 Articles
(8 ratings)
Scripture: Mark 10:25
Date Published: 5/11/2011
Trevin Wax uncovers seven often used urban preaching myths and encourages pastors to verify sources, illustrations, and stories before preaching. Read full article
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