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Read Joe McKeever: Why Preachers Are the Way They Are by Joe McKeever

Joe McKeever: Why Preachers Are the Way They Are

Joe McKeever 36 Articles
(4 ratings)
Date Published: 4/9/2014
This Q & A answers, "Why are all preachers nuts?" and other things people want to know. Read full article
Read Preach the Present Pentecost, Not the Past by David Lose

Preach the Present Pentecost, Not the Past

David Lose 14 Articles
(4 ratings)
Scripture: Acts 5:1-5:30
Date Published: 6/5/2014
There's nothing more resistant to purposeful, hopeful action in the present than nostalgia, the longing for a bygone era. Read full article
Read Thom Rainer: 3 Reasons Your People Are Spiritually Stuck by Thom Rainer
"When we lead our people in the process of transformation, we need to orient them to the reality of the war within them." Read full article
Read Getting Out of the Sermon Prep Rut by Matt Brough

Getting Out of the Sermon Prep Rut

Matt Brough 1 Article
(3 ratings)
Date Published: 7/31/2014
One of the challenges for preachers who have been preaching for some time is that it is much easier to coast, to do less preparation and to simply rely on your experience. Read full article
Read 3 Important Reasons Why You Should Preach on Thanksgiving a Month Early by Ray Hollenbach
Everyone knows they're supposed to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day, but the heart-attitude won't kick in by magic; it has to be cultivated. Read full article
Read Everyone Else Is Preparing for Christmas--Are You? by Brandon Cox

Everyone Else Is Preparing for Christmas--Are You?

Brandon Cox 23 Articles
(1 ratings)
Date Published: 10/16/2014
It's not too early! Brandon Cox shares his ideas for a Christmas sermon series sure to connect with your congregation. Read full article
Read Mark Driscoll: Develop and Deliver a Powerful Sermon Series by Mark Driscoll
The Bible commands us to "preach the word," but it does not give us a singular method for doing so. Here's how Mark Driscoll goes about it. Read full article
Read Work Backward from Christmas Hope and You'll Find Repentance by David Lose
Instead of demanding repentance, what if you invited people into it? Read full article
Read Three Root Causes of Stalled Spiritual Transformation by Thom Rainer
Why does spiritual growth sometimes stall out in believers? Thom Rainer offers his view and solutions from a study of the Corinthian church. Read full article
Read Learning from Our 1,000-Visitor Weekend by Hal Seed
Hal Seed offers his experience and learnings from a very successful Sunday morning event in his church. Read full article
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