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Read Preaching When Times Are Tight by David Stokes

Preaching When Times Are Tight

David Stokes 1 Article
(8 ratings)
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1
Date Published: 8/19/2011
The fact is, when current reality begins to let us down, when times turn tough, even tight, this is a moment for us to shift the focus away from this to that, from now to then, from here to there. Read full article
Read Preach Our Story, Not Your Story by Joy Moore

Preach Our Story, Not Your Story

Joy Moore 1 Article
(5 ratings)
Date Published: 6/8/2012
Even if your illustration comes from a real-life experience, it must also be "real life" for your listener. Read full article
Read 6 Ways to Recycle Your Sermon by Brandon Cox

6 Ways to Recycle Your Sermon

Brandon Cox 24 Articles
(5 ratings)
Date Published: 11/26/2012
You've put in all that time developing a powerful word, so why not find other avenues for the message? Read full article
Read Free Video Download: The Nativity Scene from The Bible Miniseries by

Free Video Download: The Nativity Scene from The Bible Miniseries

 0 Article
(4 ratings)
Date Published: 12/19/2012
Tags: none
Get this exclusive Nativity clip and share it with your church this Christmas season. Read full article
Read Present the Unchanging Message, but Use Ever-Changing Methods by Todd Wagner
God's "piano" has 66 keys, but it can be used to play all types of music. Read full article
Read Getting Out of the Sermon Prep Rut by Matt Brough

Getting Out of the Sermon Prep Rut

Matt Brough 1 Article
(3 ratings)
Date Published: 7/31/2014
One of the challenges for preachers who have been preaching for some time is that it is much easier to coast, to do less preparation and to simply rely on your experience. Read full article
Read No Crash Landings! Your Checklist for a Strong Sermon Closing by Lane Sebring
If the closing of your message is disorganized and unclear, then your listeners will walk away feeling the same way about your message. Read full article
Read 10 Multisite Myths (and Realities) by Jim  Egli

10 Multisite Myths (and Realities)

Jim Egli 1 Article
(2 ratings)
Date Published: 1/8/2013
Some preachers resist the idea of multiple sites. But what if technology increases your effectiveness? Read full article
Read Uncovering Your Crowd Addiction by Brady Boyd

Uncovering Your Crowd Addiction

Brady Boyd 5 Articles
(2 ratings)
Date Published: 10/4/2011
How do you relieve ministry stress? Do you seek God for refuge or the adoration of crowds? Read full article
Read How to Retain Easter Visitors by Hal Seed

How to Retain Easter Visitors

Hal Seed 12 Articles
(2 ratings)
Date Published: 3/20/2015
For many of the pastors I know, the weekend following Easter is one of the year's toughest weekends. The truth is, retaining Easter visitors is one of the greatest challenges of the American church. Read full article
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