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Read How Biblical Preaching Brings True Revival by Steven  Lawson
Steven Lawson: "A heaven-sent revival will only come when Scripture is enthroned once again in the pulpit." Read full article
Read The Secret Ingredient for Effective Ministry by Ray Hollenbach
What if there were a way to open the floodgates of heaven for other people? What if YOU could have this secret? Read full article
Read 10 Suggestions for the Shepherd of a Stagnant Flock by Joe McKeever
Non-growing churches are not healthy, at least in some significant ways. Joe McKeever gives his input to help revive a church that seems to have "plateaued." Read full article
Read How to Handle Homosexuality in a Sermon  by Tim Wilkins
Tim Wilkins offers five must-know tips for dealing with the hot-button issue of homosexuality from the pulpit. Read full article
Read Seven Deadly Sins in the Pulpit by Steve Murrell

Seven Deadly Sins in the Pulpit

Steve Murrell 2 Articles
(30 ratings)
Date Published: 7/18/2012
"Unlike many modern preachers, Paul refused to edit out the difficult parts of the message. He insisted on preaching the whole gospel." Read full article
Read I'm Not a Fan of Jesus by Kyle Idleman
Kyle Idleman offers his viewpoint on the difference between fans and followers of Jesus Christ. Read full article
Read 10 Reasons Small Churches Tend to Stay Small by Joe McKeever
After working for years among hundreds of small congregations, Joe McKeever speaks to the subtle growth barriers that tend to go unnoticed or unaddressed in stagnant churches. Read full article
Read Bill Clinton and the Art of Preaching by Jonathan Martin

Bill Clinton and the Art of Preaching

Jonathan Martin 5 Articles
(20 ratings)
Date Published: 9/13/2012
Politics aside, we can learn a thing or two about the craft of preaching from one of America's great orators. Read full article
Read Finding Strength When You Don't Feel Like Preaching by Steven Fuller

Finding Strength When You Don't Feel Like Preaching

Steven Fuller 1 Article
(12 ratings)
Date Published: 4/20/2012
Tags: none
Sometimes we have to preach to ourselves before we can preach to others. Here's how one pastor found a firm place to stand. Read full article
Read 3 Reasons Why the Preacher Population Is Shrinking and What to Do About It by Ben Mandrell
If the "preacher population" is shrinking, perhaps you have a role to play that could impact generations to come. Read full article
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