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Read Eight Reasons We Preach by Peter Mead

Eight Reasons We Preach

Peter Mead 81 Articles
(8 ratings)
Date Published: 1/17/2013
Another year. Another year of preaching. So why do we do it? Read full article
Read How to Preach Like the Weeping Prophet by Chris Surber
Love in the pastorate--not logic in the academic hall--wins people to Christ. Read full article
Read The Secret Ingredient for Effective Ministry by Ray Hollenbach
What if there were a way to open the floodgates of heaven for other people? What if YOU could have this secret? Read full article
Read Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better: 3 Reasons I'm Convinced God Most Often Builds His Church Small by Chris Surber
God uses big churches for certain Kingdom jobs, and God uses little churches for specific assignments. Read full article
Read 11 Kinds of Preacher -- Which One Are You? by Peter Mead

11 Kinds of Preacher -- Which One Are You?

Peter Mead 81 Articles
(5 ratings)
Date Published: 5/10/2013
Discover the pros and cons of how your unique personality affects your preaching. Read full article
Read 9 Points for Preaching on the Problem of Evil by Norman Geisler
The topic of evil offers many onramps to preaching powerful sermons and proclaiming the gospel. Dr. Norman Geisler offers insight for preaching and pastoral conversations. Read full article
Read A Preacher and His Notes by Darrin Patrick

A Preacher and His Notes

Darrin Patrick 4 Articles
(5 ratings)
Date Published: 5/14/2011
Do you use a full manuscript, an outline, or something in between when you preach? Read full article
Read 4 Popular—and Dangerous—Preaching Myths by Brian Orme

4 Popular—and Dangerous—Preaching Myths

Brian Orme 1 Article
(5 ratings)
Scripture: Habakkuk 1:1-8:9
Date Published: 4/15/2014
What you think about your preaching while preparing your message might be just as important as the words you say when you deliver it. Read full article
Read John Piper: Eight Reasons Why I Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead by John Piper
"A saving knowledge of Christ crucified and risen is not the mere result of right reasoning about historical facts. It is the result of spiritual illumination to see those facts for what they really are." Read full article
Read Are You the Kind of Guest Preacher Who Gets Invited Back? by Brandon Hilgemann
11 tips to help make you a better guest preacher—one they will actually want to invite back. Read full article
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