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Read No Crash Landings! Your Checklist for a Strong Sermon Closing by Lane Sebring
If the closing of your message is disorganized and unclear, then your listeners will walk away feeling the same way about your message. Read full article
Read Preaching a Funeral? 4 Shoulds and 2 You'd Better Nots by Jared Moore

Preaching a Funeral? 4 Shoulds and 2 You'd Better Nots

Jared Moore 17 Articles
(3 ratings)
Date Published: 10/31/2014
Don't miss an opportunity to preach the gospel--but don't blow it, either. Read full article
Read Why My Sermon Notes Don't Rhyme, and What I Do Instead by Karl Vaters
For generations, rhymes and alliterations were expected from public speakers. It made them seem credible, authoritative and prepared. Not any more. Read full article
The event will be simulcast nationally from Grace Community Church in Houston and was prompted by the mayor's recent demands on local pastors. Read full article
Read 6 Must-Have Qualities You Should Find in Any Good Preacher by Ben Mandrell
God has called preachers to be faithful rather than successful. How can we be sure we are staying true to the call? What makes a faithful preacher? Read full article
Read How the Pulpit Is Changing in the 21st Century, and Why It's a Good Thing by Kathleen and Kevin-Neil Ward
Not all change is bad. What if "new" ways of preaching and doing church actually take us closer to the New Testament model? Read full article
Read Don't Just Sit There: 8 Actions to Take When Your Church Is in a Slump by Thom Rainer
How do you define a church slump? More importantly, what do you do when it happens? Read full article
Read 4 Things Every Preacher Should Forget Each Sunday Morning by Leslie Holmes
When it's time to stand and deliver, we need to leave some things behind. Read full article
Read Preaching for a Special Occasion? Here's Guidance by Daniel Akin
Compromise of biblical truth is not an option, but doing one's best to extend Christ-honoring grace and goodwill should be at the front and center of our agenda. Read full article
Read 3 Important Reasons Why You Should Preach on Thanksgiving a Month Early by Ray Hollenbach
Everyone knows they're supposed to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day, but the heart-attitude won't kick in by magic; it has to be cultivated. Read full article
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