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Read The Pastor is Sick: We Need You to Preach by SermonCentral

The Pastor is Sick: We Need You to Preach

SermonCentral  6 Articles
(2 ratings)
Scripture: Psalms 92:12
Date Published: 9/23/2014
Whether you're the last-minute replacement or a regular in the pulpit, this 90-second video is for you! Read full article
Read What to Do With Feedback From Sunday's Sermon—10 Lifelines by Peter Mead
Not all feedback is created equal. How you handle it can shape your preaching. Read full article
Read 11 Deadly Mistakes That Take the Preaching Focus Away from Jesus by Jared Moore
Help your people focus on God and think on God when they leave your service--here are 11 traps to avoid. Read full article
Read How to Finally Break Through and Work Ahead on Sermon Prep: The Ultimate How-To by Jeramie Rinne
Some gifted preachers can regularly craft solid sermons on an abbreviated schedule. But most of us mortals need ample time. Read full article
Read Does Your Sermon Pass the Geography Test? by Chris Surber

Does Your Sermon Pass the Geography Test?

Chris Surber 18 Articles
(6 ratings)
Date Published: 9/18/2014
The Gospel is for everybody everywhere. Is your sermon? Read full article
Read Theology? Philosophy? What Do They Have to Do With Real Preaching? by Mike Miller
Our theology of preaching is what we believe the Bible says about preaching. Our philosophy is how we put our beliefs into practice. Read full article
Read The Secret Key to Great Preaching by Tony Merida

The Secret Key to Great Preaching

Tony Merida 2 Articles
(8 ratings)
Scripture: Job 23:1-23:17
Date Published: 9/16/2014
"The essential secret is not mastering certain techniques but being mastered by certain convictions." Read full article
Read Magicians Work Alone, Preachers Work Together by Sean Hamon

Magicians Work Alone, Preachers Work Together

Sean Hamon 1 Article
(4 ratings)
Date Published: 9/15/2014
Tags: none
When we study and prepare in isolation, we limit what we can learn. Read full article
Read Sunday's Message is for Babes in Christ and Old Saints: Can You Reach Them All? by Karl Vaters
Ask pastors what their toughest regular assignment is, and speaking a message that ministers to everyone is at or near the top of the list. Read full article
Read The Most Difficult Texts in the Bible to Preach by Joe McKeever
The problem, of course, is not with Scripture. The problem is with us. Read full article
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