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Read Practice Your Sermon Delivery? Yes: 7 Elements of Great Practice by Charles Stone
Three factors have made the biggest positive difference for me: preparing my heart before the Lord, scheduling adequate study time to avoid feeling rushed and practicing preaching my sermon. Read full article
Read A Dozen Bad Easter Eggs: 12 Mistakes We Should Avoid This Year by Joe McKeever
Joe McKeever gets real with advice learned by the hard experience of many Easters. Read full article
Read Tony Morgan: 10 Keys to Planning a Sermon Series by Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan: 10 Keys to Planning a Sermon Series

Tony Morgan 3 Articles
(1 ratings)
Date Published: 3/26/2015
Every time you start a series, it creates a new opportunity. Read full article
Read Too Many Listeners Hear Blah, Blah While We Try to Present Wow, Wow! by Peter Mead
Part of the preacher's role is to slow people down and to help them make sense of what the text is actually saying. Read full article
Read Preaching That Connects the Dots: The Cross, the Sermon and Discipleship by Jeff Clarke
Personal identification and participation with Jesus marks the life of each disciple—past, present and future. Read full article
Read Do You Include These 3 Vital Elements When You Preach a Funeral? by Brian Croft
Practical advice: "Don't preach them into heaven. Don't preach them into hell. Just preach the gospel for the people who are there." Read full article
Read 5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before You Preach by Lane Sebring
She took my hand, which was freezing cold, leaned over and whispered, "Are you nervous? Your hand is freezing." I nodded, "Yep." Read full article
Read John Piper: 8 Reasons Why I Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead by John Piper
"A saving knowledge of Christ crucified and risen is not the mere result of right reasoning about historical facts. It is the result of spiritual illumination to see those facts for what they really are." Read full article
Read How to Retain Easter Visitors by Hal Seed

How to Retain Easter Visitors

Hal Seed 12 Articles
(2 ratings)
Date Published: 3/20/2015
For many of the pastors I know, the weekend following Easter is one of the year's toughest weekends. The truth is, retaining Easter visitors is one of the greatest challenges of the American church. Read full article
Read Smaller Churches Have at Least Five Advantages—Do You Know Them? by Brandon O'Brien
Leverage these characteristics, and you'll see greater ministry success. Read full article
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