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Read John Piper: Eight Reasons Why I Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead by John Piper
"A saving knowledge of Christ crucified and risen is not the mere result of right reasoning about historical facts. It is the result of spiritual illumination to see those facts for what they really are." Read full article
Read Randy Alcorn: The Hope of Easter Is That We Will Be Like Him by Randy Alcorn
"As Jesus was raised to come back to live on Earth, so we will be raised to come back to live on Earth." Read full article
Read 15 Sermon Starters for Your Easter Message by Staff Writer
Let these great thoughts prime the pump for your Easter sermon. Start with great words and develop them uniquely for your congregation. Read full article
Read 12 Things TEDx Speakers Do That Preachers Don't by Nicholas McDonald
"How in the world do each of these talks end up consistently blowing me away?" Read full article
Read 4 Popular—and Dangerous—Preaching Myths by Brian Orme

4 Popular—and Dangerous—Preaching Myths

Brian Orme 1 Article
(4 ratings)
Scripture: Habakkuk 1:1-8:9
Date Published: 4/15/2014
What you think about your preaching while preparing your message might be just as important as the words you say when you deliver it. Read full article
Read The Chase Scene of the Cross by Hal Seed

The Chase Scene of the Cross

Hal Seed 10 Articles
(5 ratings)
Date Published: 4/14/2014
Great preaching follows a line to its climax. Hal Seed points to the glory of the cross and resurrection as the climax of God's story with humanity. Read full article
Read Preparation and Trust: A Preacher's Tug of War by Todd Hahn

Preparation and Trust: A Preacher's Tug of War

Todd Hahn 1 Article
(6 ratings)
Scripture: John 19:28
Date Published: 4/12/2014
There's a natural tension between preparation and trust, but one line we should never cross is trusting in our own preparation. Read full article
Read Do You Answer the Right Questions When You Preach? by Mike Glenn
Yes, we have the answer, but are we asking the right questions? Read full article
Read Check Yourself: 20 Questions Every Preacher Should Ask by Bob Hostetler
Bob Hostetler has a routine set of questions as part of his sermon prep. Perhaps they could help us all. Read full article
Read Joe McKeever: Why Preachers Are the Way They Are by Joe McKeever

Joe McKeever: Why Preachers Are the Way They Are

Joe McKeever 25 Articles
(4 ratings)
Date Published: 4/9/2014
This Q & A answers, "Why are all preachers nuts?" and other things people want to know. Read full article
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