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Ray Hollenbach

Ray Hollenbach

Ray Hollenbach helps people and churches navigate change. You can visit him at Students of Jesus. He's the author of The Impossible Mentor, a deep-dive into the foundations of discipleship, and the founder of DEEPER Seminars, weekend retreats focused on discipleship in the local church. A Chicagoan, he writes about faith and culture. He currently lives in central Kentucky, which is filled with faith and culture.

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Our nation may be tired of war, but we are not tired of remembering eternal values. Read full article
Read God Doesn't Need Cops in the Pulpit--He Needs Preachers by Ray Hollenbach

God Doesn't Need Cops in the Pulpit--He Needs Preachers

Ray Hollenbach 29 Articles
(6 ratings)
Date Published: 4/24/2015
There's a big difference between drawing a crowd and preaching a sermon. The church is desperate for life-giving preachers. Read full article
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The days between Easter and Pentecost are usually an afterthought, yet they're the beginning of a journey into the age to come. Read full article
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The Last Supper: More than history, more than a painting, it's the living example of how to go through stressful times. Read full article
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We are loaded down with so many "shoulds," we find ourselves paralyzed by the inability to apply what we know. Read full article
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Do We Preach a Grace That's Too Small?

Ray Hollenbach 29 Articles
(1 ratings)
Scripture: Numbers 4:1-4:4
Date Published: 1/29/2015
We've lined up the chairs in neat little rows and called it grace. We never noticed: it has broken free. Read full article
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When we preach we plant seeds, but what will grow from the seeds we plant? Read full article
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Some people think the Christmas verses are the stuff of Christmas pageants and cheesy dramas. They are also fuel for great preaching. Read full article
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Everyone knows they're supposed to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day, but the heart-attitude won't kick in by magic; it has to be cultivated. Read full article
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For anyone who longs to preach about something more than a fire-insurance relationship with Jesus, these three passages will help you make disciples. Read full article