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Shane Hipps

Shane Hipps

Shane used to have a career in advertising where he worked on Porsche cars.  Eventually he felt compelled to leave it all and attend seminary in California. After graduating, he became the lead pastor of a small Mennonite church in Arizona. Today he is a teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids MI.  Despite his vocational whiplash, he has always been driven by one thing– he wants to be a catalyst in people’s movement towards God. These days he does that through teaching, speaking, and writing.

Read Preaching with No Strings Attached by Shane Hipps

Preaching with No Strings Attached

Shane Hipps 1 Article
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Date Published: 1/28/2012
What would happen to your preaching if you were less concerned about the outcome and more focused on doing your work before God and letting him handle the results? Read full article