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Leviticus 22 - AMP

2 Say to Aaron and his sons that they shall stay away from the holy things which the Israelites dedicate to Me, that they may not profane My holy name; I am the Lord. 3 Tell them, Any one of your offspring throughout your generations who goes to the holy things which the Israelites dedicate to the Lord when he is unclean, that shall be cut off from My presence and excluded from the sanctuary; I am the Lord. 4 No man of the offspring of Aaron who is a leper or has a discharge shall eat of the holy things until he is clean. And whoever touches any person or thing made unclean by contact with a corpse or a man who has had a discharge of semen, 5 Or whoever touches any dead creeping thing by which he may be made unclean, or a man from whom he may acquire uncleanness, whatever it may be, 6 The priest who has touched any such thing shall be unclean until evening and shall not eat of the holy things unless he has bathed with water. 7 When the sun is down, he shall be clean, and afterward may eat of the holy things, for they are his food. 8 That which dies of itself or is torn by beasts he shall not eat, defiling himself with it. I am the Lord. 9 The priests therefore shall observe My ordinance, lest they bear sin for it and die thereby if they profane it. I am the Lord, Who sanctifies them. 10 No outsider shall eat of the holy thing ; a sojourner with the priest or a hired servant shall not eat of the holy thing. 11 But if a priest buys a slave with his money, the slave may eat of the holy thing, and he also who is born in the priest's house; they may eat of his food. 12 If a priest's daughter is married to an outsider , she shall not eat of the offering of the holy things. 13 But if a priest's daughter is a widow or divorced, and has no child, and returns to her father's house as in her youth, she shall eat of her father's food; but no stranger shall eat of it. 14 And if a man eats unknowingly of the holy thing , then he shall add one-fifth of its value to it and repay that amount to the priest for the holy thing. 15 The priests shall not profane the holy things the Israelites offer to the Lord, 16 And so cause them to bear the iniquity when they eat their holy things; for I the Lord sanctify them. 17 And the Lord said to Moses, 18 Say to Aaron and his sons and to all the Israelites, Whoever of the house of Israel and of the foreigners in Israel brings his offering, whether to pay a vow or as a freewill offering which is offered to the Lord for a burnt offering 19 That you may be accepted, you shall offer a male without blemish of the young bulls, the sheep, or the goats. 20 But you shall not offer anything which has a blemish, for it will not be acceptable for you. 21 And whoever offers a sacrifice of peace offering to the Lord to make a special vow to the Lord or for a freewill offering from the herd or from the flock must bring what is perfect to be accepted; there shall be no blemish in it. 22 Animals blind or made infirm and weak or maimed, or having sores or a wen or an itch or scabs, you shall not offer to the Lord or make an offering of them by fire upon the altar to the Lord. 23 For a freewill offering you may offer either a bull or a lamb which has some part too long or too short, but for a vow it shall not be accepted. 24 You shall not offer to the Lord any animal which has its testicles bruised or crushed or broken or cut, neither sacrifice it in your land. 25 Neither shall you offer as the bread of your God any such animals obtained from a foreigner , because their defects render them unfit; there is a blemish in them; they will not be accepted for you. 26 And the Lord said to Moses, 27 When a bull or a sheep or a goat is born, it shall remain for seven days with its mother; and from the eighth day on it shall be accepted for an offering made by fire to the Lord. 28 And whether is a cow or a ewe, you shall not kill her and her young both in one day. 29 And when you sacrifice an offering of thanksgiving to the Lord, sacrifice it so that you may be accepted. 30 It shall be eaten on the same day; you shall leave none of it until the next day. I am the Lord. 31 So shall you heartily accept My commandments and conform your life and conduct to them. I am the Lord. 32 Neither shall you profane My holy name ; but I will be hallowed among the Israelites. I am the Lord, Who consecrates and makes you holy, 33 Who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your God. I am the Lord.

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