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Nehemiah 7 - AMP

2 I gave my brother Hanani, with Hananiah the ruler of the castle, charge over Jerusalem, for Hananiah was a more faithful and God-fearing man than many. 3 I said to them, Let not the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun is hot; and while the watchmen are still on guard, let them shut and bar the doors. Appoint guards from the people of Jerusalem, each to his watch and each opposite his own house. 4 Now the city was wide and large, but the people in it were few, and their houses were not yet built. 5 And my God put it into my mind and heart to assemble the nobles, the officers, and the people, that they might be counted by genealogy. And I found a register of the genealogy of those who came at the first, and found written in it: 6 These are the people of the province who came up out of the captivity of those exiles whom Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon had carried away; they returned to Jerusalem and to Judah, each to his town, 7 Who came with Zerubbabel, Jeshua, Nehemiah , Azariah, Raamiah, Nahamani, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispereth, Bigvai, Nehum, Baanah. The men of Israel numbered: 8 The sons of Parosh, 2,172. 9 The sons of Shephatiah, 372. 10 The sons of Arah, 652. 11 The sons of Pahath-moab, namely the sons of Jeshua and Joab, 2,818. 12 The sons of Elam, 1,254. 13 The sons of Zattu, 845. 14 The sons of Zaccai, 760. 15 The sons of Binnui, 648. 16 The sons of Bebai, 628. 17 The sons of Azgad, 2,322. 18 The sons of Adonikam, 667. 19 The sons of Bigvai, 2,067. 20 The sons of Adin, 655. 21 The sons of Ater, namely of Hezekiah, 98. 22 The sons of Hashum, 328. 23 The sons of Bezai, 324. 24 The sons of Hariph, 112. 25 The sons of Gibeon, 95. 26 The men of Bethlehem and Netophah, 188. 27 The men of Anathoth, 128. 28 The men of Beth-azmaveth, 42. 29 The men of Kiriath-jearim, Chephirah, and Beeroth, 743. 30 The men of Ramah and Geba, 621. 31 The men of Michmas, 122. 32 The men of Bethel and Ai, 123. 33 The men of the other Nebo, 52. 34 The sons of the other Elam, 1,254. 35 The sons of Harim, 320. 36 The sons of Jericho, 345. 37 The sons of Lod, Hadid, and Ono, 721. 38 The sons of Senaah, 3,930. 39 The priests: the sons of Jedaiah, namely the house of Jeshua, 973. 40 The sons of Immer, 1,052. 41 The sons of Pashhur, 1,247. 42 The sons of Harim, 1,017. 43 The Levites: the sons of Jeshua, namely of Kadmiel of the sons of Hodevah, 74. 44 The singers: the sons of Asaph, 148. 45 The gatekeepers: the sons of Shallum, of Ater, of Talmon, of Akkub, of Hatita, and of Shobai, 138. 46 The Nethinim : the sons of Ziha, of Hasupha, of Tabbaoth, 47 Of Keros, of Sia, of Padon, 48 Of Lebana, of Hagaba, of Shalmai, 49 Of Hanan, of Giddel, of Gahar, 50 Of Reaiah, of Rezin, of Nekoda, 51 Of Gazzam, of Uzza, of Paseah, 52 Of Besai, of Meunim, of Nephushesim, 53 Of Bakbuk, of Hakupha, of Harhur, 54 Of Bazlith, of Mehida, of Harsha, 55 Of Barkos, of Sisera, of Temah, 56 Of Neziah, of Hatipha. 57 The sons of Solomon's servants: the sons of Sotai, of Sophereth, of Perida, 58 Of Jaala, of Darkon, of Giddel, 59 Of Shephatiah, of Hattil, of Pochereth-hazzebaim, of Amon. 60 All the Nethinim and the sons of Solomon's servants, 392. 61 And these were they who went up also from Tel-melah, Tel-harsha, Cherub, Addon, and Immer, but they could not prove their father's house nor their descent, whether they were of Israel: 62 The sons of Delaiah, of Tobiah, of Nekoda, 642. 63 Of the priests: the sons of Hobaiah, of Hakkoz, and of Barzillai, who married one of the daughters of the Gileadite Barzillai and was called by their name. 64 These sought their registration among those recorded in the genealogies, but it was not found; so they were excluded from the priesthood as unclean. 65 The governor told them that they should refrain from eating any of the most holy food until a priest with Urim and Thummim should arise . 66 The congregation all together was 42,360, 67 Besides their manservants and their maidservants, of whom there were 7,337; and they had 245 singers, men and women. 68 Their horses were 736; their mules, 245; 69 Their camels, 435; their donkeys, 6,720. 70 And some of the heads of fathers' houses gave to the work. The Tirshatha or governor gave to the treasury 1,000 darics of gold, 50 basins, 530 priests' garments. 71 Some of the heads of fathers' houses gave to the treasury for the work 20,000 darics of gold and 2,200 minas of silver. 72 What the rest of the people gave was 20,000 darics of gold, 2,000 minas of silver, and 67 priests' garments. 73 So the priests, the Levites, the gatekeepers, the singers, some of the people, the Nethinim , along with all Israel, dwelt in their towns, and were in them when the seventh month came.

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Securing the City
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Rebuilding the Walls Nehemiah 7-8
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National Security
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Gathering to Worship
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Making It Count
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Restoration of Worship
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Roles of Ministry - Where do I Fit In?
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Nehemiah 7
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Rebuilding the Nation
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Life Inside the Wall
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Nehemiah - Master Delegator
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Building Up and Moving on
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Knowing Your Place In the Order of Worship
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The Book of God
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Return to the Word of God
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I Thought We Were Finished?
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Revision Success
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The Book of God
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Who Am I
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Weapons of Mass Distraction
Shared by: K. Edward Skidmore on Jun, 2008
Summary: Sermon #3 in the series taken from Nehemiah 6-7 reveals Nehemiah’s ability to avoid various kinds of distractions so he could finish the task at hand.
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clinton smith avatar
The Key to Rebuilding
Shared by: clinton smith on Mar, 2008
Summary: This sermon encourages believers that rebuilding our lives is not impossible when it is covered with believing prayer.
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Jason Jones avatar
Foundations for Renewal
Shared by: Jason Jones on Oct, 2007
Summary: Exposition of Nehemiah 7:1-53 about the preparations for Revival by Nehemiah
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After the Walls are Built
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After Salvation and Separation, What Comes Next?
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Summary: #10 in the Nehemiah series. Being saved and separated unto the Lord isn’t the end of the journey; it’s the beginning. Where do we go from here?
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How Do We Know God is Working In Us
Shared by: Renato Correa on Feb, 2006
Summary: We do not see God but we can see the evidence He is working in our life. Here they are.
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Jake Kircher avatar
Revive, Restore, Revitalize, and Repopulate
Shared by: Jake Kircher on Jan, 2006
Summary: The list in Nehemiah is there for a reason. It is there to honor the men and thier families for stepping up to take responsibility to change the people and the world around them.
Series: Nehemiah
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The Restoring Power of God's Word
Shared by: Patrick Keel on Jul, 2004
Summary: God’s word has the power to bring restoration to our lives.
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