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1 Peter 3 - NIV

13 Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good?

14 But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear their threats[a] ; do not be frightened.”[b]

15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

16 keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.


a. 1 Peter 3:14 Isaiah?8:12
b. 1 Peter 3:14 Or fear what they fear

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Jim Caswell avatar
Holding On To Christmas
Shared by: Jim Caswell on Dec, 2016
Summary: How are we as followers of Jesus to react to the "Christmas War" that is going on in our society? We find the answer in 1 Peter 3.8-16. We must be careful as followers of Christ to reveal His way not ours.
James Wallace avatar
How to Know the Bible's True
Shared by: James Wallace on Nov, 2016
Summary: Great evidence that the Bible is absolutely the inspired Word of God
Series: How to Know
Dean Rhine avatar
A Ready Witness
Shared by: Dean Rhine on Nov, 2016
Summary: How to be faithful in witnessing
Series: 1 Peter
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:1-14
Views: 113
William R. Nabaza avatar
Set CHRIST apart as Holy and acknowledge Him
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Oct, 2016
Summary: To show that we need to sanctify the LORD JESUS as Holy for He will be the One to give us the right words whenever we are defending our faith.
Michael Grant avatar
Shared by: Michael Grant on Oct, 2016
Summary: A Study in Christian Apologetics
Ron Freeman, Evangelist avatar
Can Your Faith Stand Bible Examination?
Shared by: Ron Freeman, Evangelist on Oct, 2016
Summary: This survey is provided for those seeking the truth regarding biblical salvation. Take this survey to determine if your faith can stand bible examination.
Archie Norman avatar
Sanctification: My Goal Changed
Shared by: Archie Norman on Jul, 2016
Summary: What is Biblical Salvation
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 105
Tony Fox avatar
Peter's exhortation on preparing for suffering
Shared by: Tony Fox on Apr, 2016
Summary: Will there come a time in America when Christians' faith will literally be on trial in courts of law? If you doubt it, you're wrong. We are living in the beginning of those times. What should we do? See what Peter wrote to the strangers scattered abroad.
Series: 1Peter
Derek Geldart avatar
Answering the Skeptics
Shared by: Derek Geldart on Mar, 2016
Summary: This sermon outlines five ways in which Christians can present the Gospel message to unbelievers in a God-fearing manner.
Paul Barreca avatar
Jesus Taught Us How to Preach
Shared by: Paul Barreca on Nov, 2015
Summary: We have all experienced that it is much easier to talk about witnessing than to actually witness. Today we will discover that the instructions Jesus gave help to remove the pressure and guilt that Christians sometimes feel about witnessing.
Jeff Strite avatar
The Lord Is With You
Shared by: Jeff Strite on Jul, 2015
Summary: In this passage, it almost seems like Peter is heavily focused on persecution of the Christians he's writing to... and then he just switches gears and talks about something totally unrelated. It seems that way, but it's not.
Troy Borst avatar
Christian Atheist: Witnessing
Shared by: Troy Borst on Apr, 2015
Summary: Christian Atheists, those who say they believe in God but often live as though He doesn’t exist, know they should share their faith, but don’t for whatever reason. I believe there are three reasons why we don’t share our faith.
T.J. Conwell avatar
From Living to Life Everlasting
Shared by: T.J. Conwell on Apr, 2015
Summary: Will we accept the sacrifice of Christ as sufficient ... or will you continue doing life yourself? Easter is about the glory of the Father revealed in the Son, and we either accept that or turn away from it.
Series: 1 Peter
Shawn Drake avatar
Your Hope
Shared by: Shawn Drake on Mar, 2015
Summary: This is the 7th sermon in the series "Don't Be Discouraged". Your hope is found in Jesus.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:13-22
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 341
David Owens avatar
Growing Larger Through Outreach (Pt. 3)
Shared by: David Owens on Mar, 2015
Summary: What do we say when it is time to share the gospel with others? This sermon helps us to be prepared when we have an opportunity to give an answer for the hope that we have.
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-16
Views: 510
Fred Sigle avatar
Shared by: Fred Sigle on Nov, 2014
Summary: Convincing unbelievers that God is not dead starts with an intimate relationship with God and a passion in wanting to share that relationship with anyone who will listen.
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-16
Views: 986
John Gaston avatar
Shared by: John Gaston on Sep, 2014
Summary: Many young people go to college as Christians, but due to the secularism and the anti-Christian propaganda force-fed them, they become agnostics or atheists.They must become knowledgeable of the foundations of their Christian faith.
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 881
Perry Greene avatar
Open Doors of Opportunity (2)
Shared by: Perry Greene on Aug, 2014
Summary: Are we open or closed as a congregation? Is the work and worship about us only or do we include others?
based on 1 rating
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-17
Views: 547
Matthew Parker avatar
The Value and Power of Your Testimony
Shared by: Matthew Parker on Jun, 2014
Summary: A brief unpacking of 1 Peter, looking at Peter's encouragement to always be prepared to give an answer for our hope.
Daniel Habben avatar
"Apologize" for Jesus
Shared by: Daniel Habben on May, 2014
Summary: Apologize for Jesus 1) Describe his help. 2) Declare your hope.
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-22
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 388
Dr. Ronald Shultz avatar
Enduring Slander
Shared by: Dr. Ronald Shultz on Apr, 2014
Summary: It is hard to be mad at what someone said about you if it is true.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:14-16
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 303
David Taylor avatar
Hope That Honors Christ as Lord
Shared by: David Taylor on Feb, 2014
Summary: Living on Mission in a Foreign Land Hope That Honors Christ as Lord
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:13-17
Views: 200
Christopher Holdsworth avatar
The Victory of Christ's Suffering
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Jan, 2014
Summary: In His victory we are made victorious, even when we suffer unjustly, and for His cause.
based on 4 ratings
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:13-22
Views: 1,631
Tim Smith avatar
Bustin' Barriers
Shared by: Tim Smith on Sep, 2013
Summary: Our fears of sharing our faith often revolve around how people will respond. What if they reject us or worse raise questions and issues for which we have no answer? Then what do we do?
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-16
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 1,169
Jason Smith avatar
Is Our Bible Trustworthy?
Shared by: Jason Smith on Sep, 2013
Summary: The fact that we do not have the original autographs of the New Testament manuscripts has led many to deny that the New Testament that we have is reliable. This lesson shares 10 reasons why we can know the Bible is trustworthy.
Clay Gentry avatar
How To Give A Defense For Your Hope
Shared by: Clay Gentry on Sep, 2013
Summary: We're supposed to be prepared to give a defense for the hope that is within us. But how are we to go about that? Using Paul's defense in Acts 26 we'll lay the ground work for sharing your hope with others.
Denomination: *other
Views: 764
Paul Clemente avatar
Master Of My Heart?
Shared by: Paul Clemente on Jul, 2013
Summary: who is really the MASTER in my heart?
Series: 1 Peter
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-22
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 294
Jonathan Falwell avatar
Tis Better to Give
Shared by: Jonathan Falwell on May, 2013
Summary: Expounding on 1 Peter 3:15-16, speaking about the urgent need to give the greatest gift of all — the good news of salvation — to the world.
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15-16
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,485
Andrew Gamblin avatar
What is Our Hope?
Shared by: Andrew Gamblin on Feb, 2013
Summary: What is our universal story of hope? It is the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:13-17
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 322
Andrew Gamblin avatar
What is MY hope?
Shared by: Andrew Gamblin on Feb, 2013
Summary: What is my personal story of hope? Where do I see hope through Christ?
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:13-17
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 267