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Genesis 2 - NIV

7 Then the Lord God formed a man[a] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

8 Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed.

9 The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

10 A river watering the garden flowed from Eden; from there it was separated into four headwaters.

11 The name of the first is the Pishon; it winds through the entire land of Havilah, where there is gold.

12 (The gold of that land is good; aromatic resin[b] and onyx are also there.)

13 The name of the second river is the Gihon; it winds through the entire land of Cush.[c]

14 The name of the third river is the Tigris; it runs along the east side of Ashur. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.

15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

16 And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;

17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

19 Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.

20 So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals.
But for Adam[d] no suitable helper was found.


a. Genesis 2:7 The Hebrew for man (adam) sounds like and may be related to the Hebrew for ground (adamah); it is also the name Adam (see verse 20).
b. Genesis 2:12 Or good; pearls
c. Genesis 2:13 Possibly southeast Mesopotamia
d. Genesis 2:20 Or the man

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Is There Water In The Plan?
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Having A Healthy Ambition
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Things outside of paradise
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The penalty of sin is DEATH
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The modified copy of Adam
Shared by: James Linders on Jun, 2015
Summary: It was GOD'S will that man had to multiply and fill the earth. Although Adam's genes were predominantly male genes, God HAD to suppress it so that He could make Eve....the modified version of man....SHE would be equipped to increase the human population.
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A Glimpse of God in the Goodness of our Mothers
Shared by: Billy Ricks on May, 2015
Summary: There are generations of children that need to be rescued from wrong ideas and attitudes toward motherhood and womanhood. That begins by recognizing that God has the right to rule and have the last word on every issue
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Scripture: Genesis 2:18-25
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Marriage Belongs to God
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Summary: In this sermon, we explore the fact that God created marriage, therefore, marriage belongs to God. God's higher purpose for marriage is to proclaim the gospel. Much from this sermon comes from chapter 6 in David Platt’s book, Counter Culture.
Scripture: Genesis 2:7-25
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A Woman's Value
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Summary: God made a woman to be WITH her man, to HELP him, and to FIT him in every way like no one else.
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The Two Become One
Shared by: T.J. Conwell on Apr, 2015
Summary: On April 28, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for and against redefining marriage in America. The very institution of God's design for marriage as only between one man and one woman is on trial. As Christians, we MUST take a stand!
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Shared by: DENNISE OGALESCO on Apr, 2015
Summary: There is a big difference between love and lust and infatuation which most of our young people today has difficulty in dealing with this issues in their generation. Some of them have wandered from their school, lost their dreams and erred from faith.
Series: Love
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Shared by: Sumeet MJ on Mar, 2015
Summary: God's Word is spoken with Prophetic Power. It is better to trust in His Word than to trust any other Assurance that is offered in this World. Learn more about how God's Word in its Power can transform your life.
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A Perfect Plan for a Perfect Marriage
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Counter-Cultural Christianity: Homosexuality
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It's a good thing....1
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And You Will Be Like God
Shared by: Keith Broyles on Oct, 2014
Summary: We can fall victim to evil very easily. Through our faith we can find the grace and forgiveness we need.
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William R. Nabaza avatar
Outside of paradise
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Oct, 2014
Summary: To show that our desire should not be gold, perfumes and precious stones but the LORD.
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