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Hebrews 12 - NIV

3 Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

God Disciplines His Children

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Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on Jan, 2017
Summary: The writer of Hebrews seeks to encourage and remind them that those who are faithful to God have always faced persecution, but that the end result will be a glorious victory even beyond their imagination. (PowerPoint Available - #307)
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Scripture: Hebrews 11:32-12:3
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Beverly Holstein avatar
Shared by: Beverly Holstein on Dec, 2016
Summary: Oh ye of little faith... this is a phrase Jesus says many times. Take a closer look at what is in little faith. Decide to have a crazy faith today... little faith aint gonna cut it!
T.J. Conwell avatar
By Faith
Shared by: T.J. Conwell on Nov, 2016
Summary: We are shown in this passage today that living for God is not impossible. We are not able to just give up and quit (considering all that others have done); rather, we must in today’s day without apology, be willing to live BY FAITH!
Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-12:3
Denomination: Baptist
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Matthew Kratz avatar
Never Give Up
Shared by: Matthew Kratz on Oct, 2016
Summary: In Hebrews 12:1–3. we see various aspects of the race, as they are compared to the faithful life in Christ. Christ calls us to 1) Race Freely (Hebrews 12:1), 2) Race Focused (Hebrews 12:2), and 3) Race to the Finish (Hebrews 12:3)
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Independent/Bible
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David Simpson avatar
Run with Perseverance
Shared by: David Simpson on Aug, 2016
Summary: Run the race of faith with perseverance. Never stop until you cross the finish line!
Kerry Haynes avatar
FInishing Well
Shared by: Kerry Haynes on Aug, 2016
Summary: Bad things happen even to Christians. Yet, we are not alone. God places us in the family of faith. And as we keep our eyes on Jesus, we can endure anything, for his sake, knowing our faith will be rewarded, if not in this life, then in the next.
Scripture: Hebrews 11:32-12:3
Denomination: Baptist
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Gavin Rushton avatar
Shared by: Gavin Rushton on Jul, 2016
Summary: A sermon about how the future is built on the legacy of the past and how we can learn to help each other to pursue after Jesus
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Anglican
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Robert Webb avatar
Are you Unleashed?
Shared by: Robert Webb on Jun, 2016
Summary: What would happen if we unleashed ourselves to take the truth to a lost world? Is my life being confined within boundaries, could I be convicted of being a Christian?
Tony Abram avatar
Seven Ways Christ Gave Himself To the World For Us!
Shared by: Tony Abram on Feb, 2016
Summary: Billy Sunday once said, There are two hundred and fifty-six names given in the Bible for the Lord Jesus Christ, and I suppose this was because He was infinitely beyond all that any one name could express.
Kenneth Sauer avatar
"Can I Get a Witness?"
Shared by: Kenneth Sauer on Jan, 2016
Summary: A sermon for All Saints Sunday.
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: United Methodist
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Marvin Del Rios avatar
Run at all cost
Shared by: Marvin Del Rios on Oct, 2015
Summary: we will look at how the faith of others can encourage us to run this race of our faith with the endurance of Jesus!
Michael Jakes avatar
Be Very Sure
Shared by: Michael Jakes on Aug, 2015
Summary: Being saved and sure gives peace...without assurance of salvation, the enemy will wreak havoc in our minds and hearts.
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Pentecostal
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Anthony Neal avatar
Keep on Running
Shared by: Anthony Neal on Jul, 2015
Summary: Sermon to encourage believers not to give up, but endure the obstacles that life brings us.
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Baptist
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Wade M. Hughes, Sr avatar
I have to climb higher...
Shared by: Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Dec, 2014
Summary: There is a battle between the weasil and the eagle, all the eagle has to do is let go?May the anointing consume us.
Ricky Taylor avatar
Shared by: Ricky Taylor on Dec, 2014
Summary: A look at the heroes of the bible, the great crowd of witnesses...
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Pentecostal
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Davon Huss avatar
Together We’ll Make It Home
Shared by: Davon Huss on Nov, 2014
Summary: We will persevere in tough times together through our church community (Material adapted from Daniel Overdorf's book, What the Bible Says About the Church: Rediscovering Community; chapter 14 Radically Perseverant, pgs. 367-370)
David DeWitt avatar
Living a Legacy
Shared by: David DeWitt on Apr, 2014
Summary: We are called to leave a legacy for those behind us. My annual Memorial Day message
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Wesleyan
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Craig Benner avatar
The Whelps of Winter
Shared by: Craig Benner on Feb, 2014
Summary: In the winter of life, things can get gloomy. Nevertheless, Christ is not finished with your life. When He passes by, there will be a welcome assistance.
David McNally avatar
True faith is practical faith
Shared by: David McNally on Feb, 2014
Summary: True Christian faith is not just an abstract, theoretical, thing but something which affects our thoughts, words and actions, and not just on Sundays, but every day of the week
Danny Davis avatar
An Unstoppable Momentum
Shared by: Danny Davis on Jan, 2014
Summary: When we come into relationship with Jesus Christ we are brought into an unstoppable momentum that brings us into the kingdom of God and propels us forward to finish the race we started.
Series: Unshakeable
David McNally avatar
Looking forward
Shared by: David McNally on Jan, 2014
Summary: Once forgiven and assured that we are in Christ we can face the future with confidence, not because we have learned from our mistakes, but because we know we are getting nearer in time and spiritually, to God our Almighty and heavenly Father.
Jerry Flury avatar
Persevering Faith
Shared by: Jerry Flury on Jan, 2014
Summary: John 3:36 says, “He who believes (present active tense) in the Son has everlasting life...” The difference between dead faith and genuine saving faith is that saving faith is a persevering faith. Consider the characteristics of a persevering faith
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Scripture: Hebrews 11:39-12:3
Denomination: Baptist
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Jimmy Dillon avatar
Are You A Finisher?
Shared by: Jimmy Dillon on Nov, 2013
Summary: This is a message about staying the course and finishing our Christian walk strong. Many Christians start off on fire and strong but it doesn't matter how you start but more how you finish.
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Baptist
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David Hughes avatar
Source of Strength - Part 1
Shared by: David Hughes on Sep, 2013
Summary: Each day we depend on a source to help us make it through the day. We look to electricity and water for our homes, a car and fuel to be able to get to work and back. Money in the bank to pay our bills. Often times we neglect our true source...Jesus!
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Pentecostal
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David Parks avatar
Great is Thy Faithfullness
Shared by: David Parks on Aug, 2013
Summary: We like Paul can say at the end of our lives, "We won!" because His faithfulness is great
Paul Fritz avatar
Forty Motivations for Outreach Ministries
Shared by: Paul Fritz on Aug, 2013
Summary: Sometimes we need a little motivation and Biblical inspiration to do our best for Jesus in regards to outreach ministries. It all comes from fixing our eyes on Jesus as the author and perfecter of our faith.
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
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Mark A. Barber avatar
Roll Call of the Saints
Shared by: Mark A. Barber on Aug, 2013
Summary: Jesus, who has set the example for us, has finished the race and is at the right hand of the Father. We need to follow his example and that of the other heroes of the faith. These examples encourage us to finish the race.
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: United Methodist
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Patrick Oelund avatar
Run the race
Shared by: Patrick Oelund on Jun, 2013
Summary: You and I are in a relay race and maybe even running the final lap - Run as to win!
Jimmy Haile avatar
Run For Your Life!
Shared by: Jimmy Haile on Jun, 2013
Summary: The difference between the rat race and the race that we Christians are running is this: Rat race is about you winning, the Christian’s race is all about Jesus’ winning!!
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Baptist
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Jimmy Haile avatar
What Is Weighing You Down?
Shared by: Jimmy Haile on May, 2013
Summary: Some encouragement to run the race.
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Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-3
Denomination: Baptist
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