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James 1 - NIV

13 When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone;

14 but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.

15 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

16 Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters.

17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

18 He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.

Listening and Doing

19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,

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Kerry Haynes avatar
Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude
Shared by: Kerry Haynes on Oct, 2016
Summary: Only one of the ten lepers in today's story thought to thank the giver for his miraculous gift of healing. God calls us to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, as we thank him for every good gift from heaven above.
Dr.W.Samuel Legon avatar
Shared by: Dr.W.Samuel Legon on Sep, 2016
Summary: Look out people the Devil is out to get you.
William R. Nabaza avatar
All gifts came from GOD
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Sep, 2016
Summary: To show that GOD is the Source and Cause of everything good that we have in this life and in the life to come.
Fred Sigle avatar
Shared by: Fred Sigle on Aug, 2016
Summary: "Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?" That is the question that many ask to prove that God either does not exist, or He doesn't care. It all comes down to what is and what is not God's will.
Eugene Pansler Jr avatar
How Can You Know God's Will?
Shared by: Eugene Pansler Jr on Apr, 2016
Summary: how can you know God's will
Scripture: James 1:17
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 179
GUY GLASS avatar
Shared by: GUY GLASS on Mar, 2016
Summary: This message look at the process of temptation from the onset of desire to the culmination as sin, as well as motivation for not sinning.
Scripture: James 1:13-17
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 144
Lorraine Greeff avatar
Shared by: Lorraine Greeff on Jan, 2016
Summary: the garbage that we allow in our heads, thoughts.
Scripture: James 1:16-21
Denomination: Charismatic
Views: 845
David Henderson avatar
"Mirror, mirror on the Wall"
Shared by: David Henderson on Dec, 2015
Summary: he word of God is a mirror that the Holy Spirit uses to enable us to see ourselves as we really are.
Series: FaithWorks
Scripture: James 1:19-27
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 480
Jeff Strite avatar
The Fires Of Anger
Shared by: Jeff Strite on Nov, 2015
Summary: God hates it when we lose our temper. But how do we stop doing that? What does God tell us we can do to get rid of our anger?
Series: Get Over It
Derrick Tuper avatar
Untrue Statements People Believe
Shared by: Derrick Tuper on Oct, 2015
Summary: In my sermon a couple of weeks ago about statements that we might’ve thought were biblical but aren’t. I have some more statements that we might believe are true but aren’t. Let’s take a look at the misconceptions behind these popular quotes.
Scripture: James 1:13-15
Views: 1,008
Paul Clemente avatar
Rein the tongue
Shared by: Paul Clemente on Oct, 2015
Summary: christians must must keep a tight rein on their tongues
Series: James
Scripture: James 1:19-27
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 336
Paul Clemente avatar
Rid of Filth & Evil
Shared by: Paul Clemente on Oct, 2015
Summary: Is there a difference between moral filth and evil which we need to get rid of?
Series: James
Scripture: James 1:19-27
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 471
Paul Clemente avatar
Be Quick To Listen
Shared by: Paul Clemente on Oct, 2015
Summary: When communications fail, relationships will fail.
Series: James
Paul Clemente avatar
Shared by: Paul Clemente on Sep, 2015
Summary: How do we deal with temptations which always creep into our lives?
Series: James
Scripture: James 1:13-18
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 852
J Jeffrey  Smead avatar
Speak Life / Taming The Tongue
Shared by: J Jeffrey Smead on Sep, 2015
Summary: Abraham Lincoln said, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Beloved, you can speak life or death. Tame the tongue...and speak life.
Gerald Roberts avatar
What do I look like?
Shared by: Gerald Roberts on Aug, 2015
Summary: The text describes to us, not to forget what manner of person we see in the mirror.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: James 1:17-27
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 1,026
Craig Condon avatar
The Goodness of God
Shared by: Craig Condon on Aug, 2015
Summary: God is available at all times to hear our prayers, to listen to our concerns and to be touched by the nonverbal communication of our feelings. In return, we must be increasingly acquainted with the voice of God. We must follow God each and every day.
Stephen Belokur avatar
Mirror, mirror on the Wall; do I look like Christ at all? James 1:19-25
Shared by: Stephen Belokur on Aug, 2015
Summary: In this passage James speaks to us about "human" anger and the moral filth of the world. He then compares the Word of God to a spiritual mirror that we need to look into intently if we desire to be spiritually presentable to God.
Series: James
Ronald Shultz avatar
Run To The Light!
Shared by: Ronald Shultz on Aug, 2015
Summary: In a dark world it is best to go the the Light!!
Stephen Belokur avatar
Good and Perfect Gifts - James 1:16-18
Shared by: Stephen Belokur on Aug, 2015
Summary: These verses follow teaching on testing and trials. Is it possible that testing and trials could be considered good and perfect gifts from the Father of the heavenly lights? It all depends if you're walking with Him or away from Him.
Series: James
based on 1 rating
Scripture: James 1:16-18
Denomination: Nazarene
Views: 1,229
J Jeffrey  Smead avatar
Be Angry, But Do Not Sin
Shared by: J Jeffrey Smead on Aug, 2015
Summary: Anger is one of the hardest emotions for Christians .to deal with. We often do not acknowledge we have it .because we feel we are not supposed to have it In the first place. There has to be a better way and beloved there is!
based on 32 ratings
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 7,022
Stephen Belokur avatar
Temptation vs. Testing and Trials - What's the Difference?
Shared by: Stephen Belokur on Aug, 2015
Summary: Earlier in the first chapter of James much has been said about testing and trials but now James turns his attention to temptation. How are they alike and how are they different, especially since the Greek word is the same for both? Let's take a look!
Series: James
Osvaldo Rafael Frutuozo da Silva avatar
Os quatro estágios do engano do pecado
Shared by: Osvaldo Rafael Frutuozo da Silva on Jul, 2015
Summary: Esboço de Sermão pregado na noite de 14/07/2013 (domingo), na IPI de Irapuru, SP, Brazil
Scripture: James 1:14-15
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 479
Dave McFadden avatar
“Pure Religion Responds to the Word of God”
Shared by: Dave McFadden on Jun, 2015
Summary: Pure religion accepts and applies God's Word.
Dave McFadden avatar
"Two Types of Testing"
Shared by: Dave McFadden on Jun, 2015
Summary: God has a purpose and so does satan when we face trials in life.
Scripture: James 1:12-15
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 453
Dave McFadden avatar
"The Goodness of God"
Shared by: Dave McFadden on Jun, 2015
Summary: God is perfectly good. What does that mean?
Scripture: James 1:16-18
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 760
David Owens avatar
Developing good Communication i Marriage
Shared by: David Owens on Jun, 2015
Summary: James 1:19 gives us the perfect guidelines for good communication in marriage.
David Owens avatar
Growing Deeper Through Discipleship (Part 2)
Shared by: David Owens on Apr, 2015
Summary: In this sermon, we try to get an overview of what discipleship looks like in everyday life.
Scripture: James 1:19-27
Views: 426
Dr. William D.  Poovey avatar
L’s That Lead to Lack or Poverty
Shared by: Dr. William D. Poovey on Apr, 2015
Summary: L’s That Lead to Lack or Poverty
Scripture: James 1:14-15
Denomination: Foursquare
Views: 287
Buffy Cook avatar
The Man In The Mirror
Shared by: Buffy Cook on Apr, 2015
Summary: "For Dummies" books are a raging success! Why? Full of practical wisdom and simple "How To's" Wouldn't a "Christianity for Dummies," a book full of practical wisdom & simple How Tos on how to live out our faith, be great? James & this series is JUST THAT
Scripture: James 1:19-27
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 522