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John 20 - NIV

22 And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.

23 If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”

Jesus Appears to Thomas

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Ron Tuit avatar
“The Mission of the Church”
Shared by: Ron Tuit on Aug, 2016
Summary: Jesus gives a proclamation of peace and which includes the commission, the message and mission of the Church.
Dr.W.Samuel Legon avatar
Shared by: Dr.W.Samuel Legon on Jun, 2016
Summary: What a day this must have been see the master alive.
Isaac Butterworth avatar
Vital Christianity
Shared by: Isaac Butterworth on Apr, 2015
Summary: Only a vital Christianity creates vital Christians.
Gerald Roberts avatar
" The Peace Christ offers through the Resurrection"
Shared by: Gerald Roberts on Apr, 2015
Summary: The resurrection give peace to the believer, between God and disciples, brings peace between all, brings peace to our souls, and brings peace to the world.
Scripture: John 20:19-23
Denomination: United Methodist
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Andrew Moffatt avatar
Easter Sunday, expectations.
Shared by: Andrew Moffatt on Apr, 2015
Summary: The day of Jesus resurrection was a day of the unexpected, are we open to the unexpected taht God puts before us so that we might live in understanding of him and by his power?
Series: Easter 2015
Jeffrey Payne avatar
He's Here
Shared by: Jeffrey Payne on Apr, 2015
Summary: Easter Message on John 20:10-22
Scripture: John 20:19-22
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 382
Martin Ellgar avatar
Scars To Show
Shared by: Martin Ellgar on Dec, 2014
Summary: A perspective on John 20: 19-23. Jesus showed them his hands and side, the scars of his torment and death on the cross. This would have been an uncomfortable moment for them as they remembered their failures, abandonment, and lack of faith in Jesus.
I. G. Spong avatar
The Faith of a Doubter
Shared by: I. G. Spong on May, 2014
Summary: Thomas is called the doubter, but he is also the confessor, who made a remarkable confession like no other and did a marvelous work as far east as India.
Ron Tuit avatar
“A Resurrection Pledge and Proclamation”
Shared by: Ron Tuit on Apr, 2014
Summary: The Resurrection is often quickly forgotten: This series spends 6 weeks viewing Jesus' Resurrection ministry.
Don Emmitte avatar
Witnesses to the Living Lord
Shared by: Don Emmitte on Apr, 2014
Summary: Mary Magdalene, John, and Peter teach us a great deal about the Lord when they become witnesses to the resurrected Christ.
W Pat Cunningham avatar
Birth and Rebirth for the Church
Shared by: W Pat Cunningham on May, 2013
Summary: The moment of greatest defeat is the beginning of a cosmic triumph in Christ.
Series: Vatican II
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Scripture: John 20:19-23
Denomination: Catholic
Views: 467
Clair Sauer avatar
Oreo Goodness: It's All About the Middle
Shared by: Clair Sauer on Apr, 2013
Summary: A sermon for Confirmation Sunday.
Scripture: John 20:19-23
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 827
Rick Crandall avatar
Jesus Is Here!
Shared by: Rick Crandall on Apr, 2013
Summary: Jesus Is Here! 1. To stand by us. 2. To speak to us. 3. To show the truth to us. 4. To satisfy us. 5. To send us.
Christopher Martin avatar
A Lenten Catechesis-The Office of the Keys and Confession
Shared by: Christopher Martin on Mar, 2013
Summary: A midweek Lenten sermon based on John 20:21-23 that covers the Office of the Keys and Confession from Luther’s Small Catechism. Preached 3/13/2013 at Emmons Lutheran Church, Emmons, Minnesota
Peter Fisher avatar
Peace be with you
Shared by: Peter Fisher on Mar, 2013
Summary: What is peace, why do we need it, how does God's peace differ
Scripture: John 20:19-22
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 4,652
Trey  Harris avatar
Deep Breathing
Shared by: Trey Harris on Aug, 2012
Summary: Jesus' Easter evening appearance to the disciples launched their ministry after Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit into them.
Revd. Martin Dale avatar
What is a Christian?
Shared by: Revd. Martin Dale on Aug, 2012
Summary: What is a Christian? What does it mean to be one in today’s post Christian society
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Scripture: John 20:19-23
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 432
Jerry Watts avatar
Mission - #3
Shared by: Jerry Watts on Aug, 2012
Summary: This culture is longing for an authentic view of Christianity and God demands it. This series paints a picture of the Authentic Christian.
Scripture: John 20:19-22
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 697
Ken Pell avatar
Resurrection’s Re-Creation
Shared by: Ken Pell on Apr, 2012
Summary: Resurrection changes how the church understands life and purpose.
Scripture: John 20:1-23
Denomination: Nazarene
Views: 374
Patrick Nix avatar
A Godly Mother
Shared by: Patrick Nix on Jan, 2012
Summary: John 20:20-23 records when Salome (mother of James and John) approached Jesus on behalf of her two sons. Although we often emphasize the negative in this situation, she was not rebuked by Christ. In fact, we see Salome as a godly example of what a mother
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: John 20:20-23
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 673
Pat Cook avatar
Let My Love Open the Door
Shared by: Pat Cook on Dec, 2011
Summary: The disciples were afraid. Sometimes we are too. Let Jesus in.
Scripture: John 20:19-23
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 887
Jerry Cosper avatar
Jesus Appears to the Disciples
Shared by: Jerry Cosper on Aug, 2011
Summary: It’s after the resurrection and Jesus has begun to appear to different individuals. Why was it important for Jesus to appear to people before He ascended into heaven? Does it say anything about the people’s faith?
based on 4 ratings
Scripture: John 20:19-23
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 3,948
Chris Heimsoth avatar
Out from behind locked doors
Shared by: Chris Heimsoth on Jun, 2011
Summary: Opening Sermon to an Acts series, although this passage is not in Acts but in John, the passage bridges from Resurection to the begginnings of the Acts community. Main Passage is John 20:19-23
based on 4 ratings
Scripture: John 20:19-23
Views: 852
Ed Cole avatar
Released: For Fathers For Sons
Shared by: Ed Cole on Jun, 2011
Summary: A classic sermon by Edwin Louis Cole on the forgiveness that sometimes must occur between fathers and sons.
based on 6 ratings
Scripture: John 20:22-23
Views: 5,322
William Baeta avatar
The gift of the Spirit
Shared by: William Baeta on Jun, 2011
Summary: “When the day of Pentecost had fully come...they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance” Acts 2:1-4.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: John 20:19-23
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 762
Andrew Moffatt avatar
The forgiveness of sins, get out there and do it!
Shared by: Andrew Moffatt on Apr, 2011
Summary: In the locked room, Jesus gave them the go ahead,to tell the good news about the forgiveness of sins, we have the go ahead also.
Series: Easter 2011
Jon Miller avatar
When God Shows Up
Shared by: Jon Miller on Mar, 2011
Summary: This message is part of the series on the gospel of John and reminds us how everything changes in our lives when God shows up.
based on 8 ratings
Views: 13,978
Brad Bailey avatar
Life Beyond Our Fears
Shared by: Brad Bailey on Oct, 2010
Summary: Today we gather around an event that has broken into human history like no other. It’s vital to recognize that it is indeed into history… real history. It was the unfolding of what God spoke through the prophets was going to happen. He would send a Messi
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: John 20:19-22
Views: 710
Dennis Davidson avatar
On Mission With Christ
Shared by: Dennis Davidson on Aug, 2010
Summary: After Pentecost 120 men & women changed their world. The power is still here, & the challenge & authority are still with us. For the same power & authority that sent Jesus, is desiring to send us to change our world.
Series: Missions
based on 80 ratings
Scripture: John 20:19-23
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 22,208
Timothy Dolan avatar
Understanding the Empty Tomb
Shared by: Timothy Dolan on Apr, 2010
Summary: How can the empty tomb have an affect on my daily life? It more than mere possibility. The empty tomb is fact.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: John 19:40-20:23
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 723