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Russ Barksdale avatar
What Did He Say?
Shared by: Russ Barksdale on Mar, 2016
Summary: Jesus made radical claims about himself
Scripture: John 8:58
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 154
Rick Crandall avatar
Jesus Christ Is Bigger than Time!
Shared by: Rick Crandall on Feb, 2015
Summary: The one who is bigger than time wants us to know: 1. His holiness (vs. 46). 2. His hope (vs. 47-51). 3. His humility (vs. 49-50 & 52-54). 4. His honesty (vs. 55). 5. His happiness (vs. 56).
Paul Basehore avatar
Jehovah - I AM
Shared by: Paul Basehore on Jan, 2015
Summary: Yes, God has names. Specific, beautiful, matchless names. We start the series with the name He uses to introduce Himself -- "I AM".
based on 2 ratings
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 2,592
Frederick Meekins avatar
Lessons In Apologetics #8: Atheism
Shared by: Frederick Meekins on Aug, 2011
Summary: Lessons In Apologetics #8: Atheism
based on 1 rating
Scripture: John 8:58
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 637
Andy Stanley avatar
All Is Not What It Seems
Shared by: Andy Stanley on Sep, 2009
Summary: A sermon bringing to light the "unseen" worlds that impact our lives and how the truth is sometimes hidden behind the trappings and events of this twisted world.
Series: Twisted
based on 67 ratings
Scripture: John 8:1-58
Views: 31,314
Michael Stark avatar
The Eternal God
Shared by: Michael Stark on Aug, 2009
Summary: Jesus presented Himself as God, only to be rejected by the theologians. Would we have reacted any differently? John compels us to think seriously about our own response to Jesus, the Living God.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: John 8:48-58
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,554
K. Edward Skidmore avatar
Sticks and Stones
Shared by: K. Edward Skidmore on Apr, 2008
Summary: Sermon #7 in the John Series from John 8 deals with Jesus encounter with the religious leaders in the Temple in Jerusalem
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: John 8:1-58
Views: 946
Kent Lenard avatar
Wait a Minute
Shared by: Kent Lenard on Feb, 2005
Summary: This sermon deals with the fact that God is not bound by time and Christians should realize that this life is only a minute. Therefore we see our struggles as temporary.
based on 24 ratings
Scripture: John 8:58
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 4,166
Glen Lawhun avatar
Jesus Through The Ages
Shared by: Glen Lawhun on Jun, 2004
Summary: Jesus was, is and always will be the Great I AM!
based on 11 ratings
Scripture: John 8:58
Views: 786
Thomas Baird avatar
Knowing God
Shared by: Thomas Baird on Jun, 2004
Summary: Do we truly know God?
based on 25 ratings
Scripture: John 8:53-58
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,233
Darrell  Stetler II avatar
Is Jesus The Son of God?
Shared by: Darrell Stetler II on Apr, 2004
Summary: The fundamental question we must ask when we read our Bibles or watch "The Passion" is this: Who is this guy Jesus? This sermon explores his claims and the evidence that he is who he said he is. *HANDOUT INCLUDED*
based on 48 ratings
Scripture: John 8:24 John 8:58
Denomination: Holiness
Views: 1,223
Paul Decker avatar
I AM Says It All
Shared by: Paul Decker on Jun, 2003
Summary: We must either accept or reject Jesus.
based on 53 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 11,782
Joshua Monda avatar
Before There Was Time There Was Christ
Shared by: Joshua Monda on Mar, 2003
Summary: This message talks about how before time ever existed Christ was in existence because he has always existed.
based on 9 ratings
Scripture: John 8:58
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 842
Revd. Martin Dale avatar
The Great
Shared by: Revd. Martin Dale on Jan, 2003
Summary: Before Abraham was born, I AM. At first blush it seems a strange thing for Jesus to say. Even Jesus’grammar would appear to be up the wall. But is it?
Series: Ergo Eimi
based on 70 ratings
Scripture: John 8:58
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 3,541
Joey Nelson avatar
The Two Questions of Easter: What does it mean? How does it work?
Shared by: Joey Nelson on Apr, 2002
Summary: Easter – what does it mean? Easter means at least THREE IMPORTANT THINGS. Easter – how does it work? Easter meets at least THREE IMPORTANT LIFE-NEEDS…
based on 113 ratings
Scripture: John 8:58
Views: 2,926
Michael Hensley avatar
God responds to the Attack on America
Shared by: Michael Hensley on Sep, 2001
Summary: In tragedy we need a word from the "Great I AM"
based on 82 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 3:14 John 8:58
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,494
Clark Tanner avatar
Relationship With 'I AM'
Shared by: Clark Tanner on Nov, 2000
Summary: A devotion for young believers
based on 53 ratings
Scripture: John 8:51-58
Denomination: Orthodox
Views: 1,747