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Mark 9 - NIV

35 Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

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Perry Greene avatar
Funeral for Elderly Christian Lady
Shared by: Perry Greene on Feb, 2016
Summary: This lesson is a compilation of some biblical thoughts. In this case the family offered little insight into this woman's past. She was a faithful servant of God.
Michael Luke avatar
I Will Not Let my Church be About my Preferences and Desires
Shared by: Michael Luke on Dec, 2015
Summary: The body of Christ is not about what I want. it's about what Christ wants.
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Scripture: Mark 9:33-35
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T D avatar
To Be First Be Last
Shared by: T D on Dec, 2010
Summary: Living for Christ means living opposite of what the world says.
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Scripture: Mark 9:33-35
Denomination: Evangelical Free
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Tom Shepard avatar
How To Become A Great Christian Leader
Shared by: Tom Shepard on Dec, 2007
Summary: 1. A Great Christian Leader Serves JESUS. 2. A Great Christian Leader Serves FELLOW SERVANTS. 3. A Great Christian Leader Serves SELF. (Has a Godly self-image.)
based on 66 ratings
Scripture: Mark 9:35
Denomination: Independent Bible
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Ken Pell avatar
Mushrooms or Maple Trees - Sermon #5
Shared by: Ken Pell on Jul, 2007
Summary: We can be released from our “addiction to self” by submitting to the grace of the Gospel; the 12 steps are especially illustrative here.
Scripture: Mark 9:30-35
Denomination: Nazarene
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Bobby Daniel avatar
When the Storm Comes
Shared by: Bobby Daniel on Jun, 2007
Summary: Written after "dodging the bullet" with Hurricane Ivan while living in Louisiana in 2004.
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Scripture: Mark 9:35-41
Denomination: Baptist
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Dan Cormie avatar
Challenging "Me First" Christianity
Shared by: Dan Cormie on Aug, 2006
Summary: A look at a couple of the sayings of Jesus that go against the grain of our natural human desire to “look out for number one”.
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Scripture: Mark 9:33-35
Denomination: Pentecostal
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Kent Lenard avatar
Shared by: Kent Lenard on Sep, 2003
Summary: This Sermon is an adaptation from John Maxwell’s Book, "The Twenty-One Indispensable Qualities of a Leader."
Series: Leadership
based on 48 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
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Steve Malone avatar
Being The Greatest
Shared by: Steve Malone on Jul, 2003
Summary: In this message we will look at the discipline of servanthood – and as we do we will see tha it is much then just doing a job at church. The Life part 11)
based on 96 ratings
Scripture: Mark 9:30-35
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Wade M. Hughes, Sr avatar
THE TEST: I want to be boss
Shared by: Wade M. Hughes, Sr on Dec, 2002
Summary: We have many that want to be the boss and tell others what to do, WHERE IS THE SERVANT’S HEART?
based on 23 ratings
Denomination: Assembly Of God
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Mike Kern avatar
Finishing First
Shared by: Mike Kern on Jun, 2002
Summary: Striving for first place in God’s kingdom may mean coming in last in this kingdom.
based on 145 ratings
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Danny Moss avatar
"What Does It Take To Be #1?"
Shared by: Danny Moss on Jan, 2002
Summary: This is a message directed to young people about success and salvation.
based on 97 ratings
Scripture: Mark 9:35
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 5,654
Eric Snyder avatar
A disciples downfall
Shared by: Eric Snyder on Oct, 2001
Summary: The outline is origional the illustrations are assorted from internet browsing.
based on 43 ratings
Scripture: Mark 9:25-35
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Curtis Kittrell avatar
Shared by: Curtis Kittrell on Sep, 2001
Summary: Does this ever happen today? Is there ever a time when you want to close the door of welcome on those who come seeking to fellowship with this church? with you? What are the ways we use to make people feel unwelcome?
based on 63 ratings
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 3,221