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Matthew 20 - NIV

20 Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons came to Jesus with her sons and, kneeling down, asked a favor of him.

21 “What is it you want?” he asked.
She said, “Grant that one of these two sons of mine may sit at your right and the other at your left in your kingdom.”

22 “You don’t know what you are asking,” Jesus said to them. “Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?”
“We can,” they answered.

23 Jesus said to them, “You will indeed drink from my cup, but to sit at my right or left is not for me to grant. These places belong to those for whom they have been prepared by my Father.”

24 When the ten heard about this, they were indignant with the two brothers.

25 Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them.

26 Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,

27 and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—

28 just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Two Blind Men Receive Sight

29 As Jesus and his disciples were leaving Jericho, a large crowd followed him.

30 Two blind men were sitting by the roadside, and when they heard that Jesus was going by, they shouted, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!”

31 The crowd rebuked them and told them to be quiet, but they shouted all the louder, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!”

32 Jesus stopped and called them. “What do you want me to do for you?” he asked.

33 “Lord,” they answered, “we want our sight.”

34 Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Immediately they received their sight and followed him.

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Dr.W.Samuel Legon avatar
Shared by: Dr.W.Samuel Legon on Dec, 2016
Greg Burcham avatar
Selfish or Selfless
Shared by: Greg Burcham on Oct, 2016
Summary: This sermon deals with being selfless as apposed to selfish in our personal lives.
Scripture: Matthew 20:26
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 367
J Jeffrey  Smead avatar
I Will Never, Never, Never, Never, Never.
Shared by: J Jeffrey Smead on Aug, 2016
Summary: The theologian Adam Clarke notes that in the Greek there are no less than 5 five negatives in this short discourse. I will Never ... Never ... Never ... Never ... Never... leave you or forsake you.
Andrew Moffatt avatar
Are we following the example of Christ?
Shared by: Andrew Moffatt on Jun, 2016
Summary: A very short sermon questioning our desire to e discipled. You can't be a follower if you are not following, eh.
Jim McCutchen avatar
Shared by: Jim McCutchen on May, 2016
Summary: A different twist on how a mom bought a request to jesus that demonstrates the kind of moms we honor today. Mothers are soft voices saying, "i love you." and mothers are a link to god, a child's first impression of god's love.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Matthew 20:20-23
Denomination: Christian Church
Views: 87
Chuck Sligh avatar
Mrs. Zebedee
Shared by: Chuck Sligh on May, 2016
Summary: "Mrs. Zebedee," the mother of James & John, gets a bad rap for her request to Jesus for prominent places in Christ's kingdom. Actually, Mrs. Zebedee demonstrates some good qualities for mothers on Mother’s Day to emulate. This sermon looks at them.
Scripture: Matthew 20:20-23
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 201
David Radcliff avatar
Shared by: David Radcliff on Mar, 2016
Summary: The fields are white unto harvest and God is calling you. Are you willing to say, “Here am I. Lord, send me?"
Scripture: Matthew 20:29-34
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 204
Tony Abram avatar
Cup of Discipleship!
Shared by: Tony Abram on Mar, 2016
Summary: Do the PERFECT WILL OF THE FATHER. In this, we also can see what it takes to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. All disciples are believers but not all believers are disciples. The
David Owens avatar
Serving Like Jesus
Shared by: David Owens on Feb, 2016
Summary: In this first sermon, I establish that we must be conformed into the likeness of Jesus. Because He was a servant, we must also become servants. A resource I am basing the series on is Charles Swindoll's "Improving Your Serve."
Rick Burdette avatar
I Will Serve
Shared by: Rick Burdette on Oct, 2015
Summary: Serving, Revolution, Leadership
Series: I Will
J Jeffrey  Smead avatar
Redemption, That Is Amazing Grace
Shared by: J Jeffrey Smead on Jul, 2015
Summary: Paul declares that we have been redeemed through the blood of Christ. The word redemption is a commercial term borrowed from the marketplace where human beings were offered for sale to the highest bidder, Our only hope of redemption is in Christ Jesus.
James Ledbetter avatar
The Bitter Cup ►Part 1◄
Shared by: James Ledbetter on Jun, 2015
Summary: Jesus asked, "Are we willing to partake of the bitter cup He partook of. Are you willing?"
Scripture: Matthew 20:20-21
Denomination: Apostolic
Views: 705
James Ledbetter avatar
The Bitter Cup ►Part 2◄
Shared by: James Ledbetter on Jun, 2015
Summary: Second Sermon in my series The Bitter Cup. Jesus wants us to be ready to partake of the Bitter cup!
Scripture: Matthew 20:20-21
Denomination: Apostolic
Views: 302
Matthew Kratz avatar
A Mother's Request
Shared by: Matthew Kratz on May, 2015
Summary: 1) A Naïve Request (Matthew 20:20–21) and 2) A New Response (Matthew 20:22-24)
Series: Mother's Day
Gordon McCulloch avatar
The closest thing to God's love is a Mothers love, (A Mothers Day Sermon).
Shared by: Gordon McCulloch on Mar, 2015
Summary: The closest love to God’s love is to witness the love of a good mother. Sadly this is not always the case, but it is the best model we have to follow. There are some emotional bits in this sermon making it very powerful, even hard to deliver.
Oliver O. Suarez avatar
You are very Expensive
Shared by: Oliver O. Suarez on Mar, 2015
Summary: Your value in the eyes of God is priceless...
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 20:28
Views: 721
Gordon Curley avatar
He came to serve others (2014)
Shared by: Gordon Curley on Dec, 2014
Summary: He came to serve others - Jesus our example - PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email: gcurley@gcurley.info
Scripture: Matthew 20:27-28
Denomination: Brethren
Views: 525
Gordon Curley avatar
He came to serve others (2014)
Shared by: Gordon Curley on Dec, 2014
Summary: He came to serve others - PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email: gcurley@gcurley.info
Scripture: Matthew 20:27-28
Denomination: Brethren
Views: 966
Stephen E. Trail avatar
The Gateway to Greatness
Shared by: Stephen E. Trail on Oct, 2014
Summary: A sermon that speaks to the issue of Christian service.
Kevin L. Jones avatar
Problems Among The Followers Of Christ
Shared by: Kevin L. Jones on Jul, 2014
Summary: A sermon examining 4 problems that are commonly found among Christ's followers.
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 20:20-28
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 15,207
Monty Newton avatar
Shared by: Monty Newton on Jun, 2014
Summary: To be in a position of privilege is to be in a positino to think of and serve others.
Mike Fogerson avatar
We Want Our Eyes to Be Open
Shared by: Mike Fogerson on May, 2014
Summary: When your eyes are hurting it seems like your whole body hurts.You don’t know how much you need, use a body part until you’re unable to use it. In the ancient world, blindness was a very common malady.
Scripture: Matthew 20:29-34
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 707
Perry Greene avatar
A Mother's Impressions
Shared by: Perry Greene on May, 2014
Summary: The mother of James and John made a special request of Jesus based on her impression of him. She in turn made an impression on him.
Series: Mothers Day
William D. Brown avatar
Shared by: William D. Brown on Apr, 2014
Summary: Today local churches send missionaries. -- it is best to call them missionaries, to keep some folks from being confused, if they were referred to as apostles, some folks might think of them as being like the Twelve Apostles, and the Apostle Paul.
Series: Apostles
David Taylor avatar
Helping Spiritual Young Adults Help Others
Shared by: David Taylor on Mar, 2014
Summary: Making Disciples; Making a Difference Helping Spiritual Young Adults Help Others
Jeff Strite avatar
The Servant In The Barn
Shared by: Jeff Strite on Dec, 2013
Summary: What can the story of a baby born in a manger tell us about being a servant like Jesus would want us to be?
 Bennett T Cortez avatar
Shared by: Bennett T Cortez on Nov, 2013
Summary: Summaries of The Book of Matthew
Scripture: Matthew 16:13-20:34
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 239
Tim Smith avatar
The Charge of a Disciple
Shared by: Tim Smith on Sep, 2013
Summary: In his resurrection and appearance to the disciples and through the Day of Pentecost, Jesus accomplished two things: He gave them their mission and empowered them for it and He created His Church, the body of Christ.
Series: Multiply
Scripture: Matthew 20:18-20
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 652
W Pat Cunningham avatar
Moms Want Their Children to Do Well
Shared by: W Pat Cunningham on Jul, 2013
Summary: The mother of the sons of Zebedee asked Jesus for a special gift that was not His to give.
Scripture: Matthew 20:20-28
Denomination: Catholic
Views: 170