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This fast-paced, high-impact video is a great way to start your service and get everybody focused on the purpose of the church.
Colorful, time lapsed chalk drawings interwine with bible verses to illustrate powerful song lyrics in this fast paced, upbeat video. The result is a passionate, prayerful declaration to seek God and put him above all other pursuits. The song More by Todd Vaters (CCLI Song #4575784) is available on iTunes.
Instead of focusing on human willpower for New Year resolutions, this video brings the focus back to God and his commitment to us. It's a great theme for a January sermon series and can even be shown later in the year when New Year's resolutions are long forgotten but God is still keeping his promises.
The time to worship is now. The day to surrender is here. The moment to lay our lives down, as a sacrifice of praise, is upon us. This upbeat worship intro is a great way to call your congregation to worship and set the tone for your next Sunday service.
Make the story of Hosea personal to your congregation. This video takes the principles from that story and applies them to a present day couple. This parable shows that God's love is unconditional, his grace unceasing, and his forgiveness readily available for each of us. This video was formerly titled "Wounded Bride."
Fall is here! Time to put away the barbecue, ditch the sunglasses and bust out the sweater collection. Itís time to taxi the kids to school, practice, rehearsals and recitals. Fall can be exhausting. Itís tempting to skip church just so we can catch a break. But, we serve a God who has never once taken a day off from loving us. We belong in community, we belong in accountability, we belong together as the body of Christ. This weekend, make church a priority. Hey, Fall is hereÖweíll see you at Church!
How often do we stop and think about the worth of God? How often do we worship Him. How often do we sing His praises? The reality is, He never stops being worthy. He deserves to be honored and worshipped every moment of every day. How much is God worth to you?
"For my comrades who have fallen . . ." Colonel Lester L. Aerosmith, USAF, ret., urges us to join him by standing, remembering and renewing our commitment to freedom "for they have died to make it last."
Scripture: John 15:13
Worship is about living every moment of every day as a sacrifice of praise. Itís about giving God the glory He deserves, no matter your circumstance. We were created to give praise to God and to live lives of worship.
Life, at its very core, is about worship. Itís about living out what we were created to do. Itís about taking each moment of each day and laying it at the feet of Jesus as a sacrifice of praise. God has placed us here to worship.