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Give Thanks encourages us to give thanks in all things, and at all times, even when life is marked by hardship. This video would be perfect during the Thanksgiving season, or at any time of the year to illustrate our reasons to be thankful.
Looking for a way to welcome people to your Father’s Day service? This video celebrates Father’s Day with meaningful quotes about fatherhood and what father’s give their children. Also check out our other 3 Father’s Day videos!
— Dad Quotes for Father's Day was produced by Beamer Films
This tongue-in-cheek look and being a dad will get your congregation laughing out loud, while at the same time warming their hearts while celebrating fatherhood. A special Father’s Day thank you.
— Project Dad was produced by Beamer Films
Easter is not just another holiday. It's a celebration. A celebration of Jesus defeating sin and death, conquering the grave and completing the work of Salvation. Easter is about life change and about remembering what Jesus has done for us. We need to remember what it's all about this Easter.
Get lots of laughs with this comedic Thanksgiving top 10 list and colorful, time lapsed illustrations. It's perfect for the Sunday before or after Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is about a lot of things. It’s about friends and family, time spent with the ones we love the most. Unfortunately for others it’s about hurt and broken families. Whatever place you might be in, this video will remind us all to give thanks this thanksgiving for both the big and the small things.
Perfect for Thanksgiving! Gratitude isn't automatic or easy. Most of the time, we make an intentional choice to be thankful--a decision that helps us see God more clearly.
Hear real stories from real U.S. veterans and help acquaint your congregation with people who have spent their lives defending our freedom. Works great for Independence Day, Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.
What are you thankful for? This video reminds us just how much we have to thank God for. “Today I Am Thankful” is a great way to kick off your next Thanksgiving service or any message on thankfulness.
God has given us so much to be thankful for. Life, love, grace, mercy and the promise of eternity with Him. “I Am Thankful” is a declaration of thanksgiving and a great fit for any message on thankfulness or your next Thanksgiving service.
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