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Everyone has a call from God. Big or small, we all have an important role to play in the kingdom of God. But sometimes we don't answer his call. Will you answer?
The local church is important and vital to God’s plan in this world. As ambassadors of His, we need to realize many different people walk into a local church on any given Sunday. What they see and hear and experience the first time they walk in tells them a lot. The Rant Guy brings this point home with a simple story.
This fast-paced Easter video illustration for preaching is informative and fun. The video expresses the full Gospel message, why the resurrection is so important, and one of the reasons the Church is on this planet.
Each of us can think of a time when we were faced with an important choice. ‘The Threshold’ connects with those moments of indecision and, using John 5:24, encourages viewers to follow Jesus with all of their hearts, as well as their steps.
Scripture: John 5:24
There's more hope embedded in the Easter Story than anyone can possibly fathom. Offer your community the hope that only Jesus can give. IMPORTANT - This video is also available as a non-seasonal version.
In this day and age, the world pressures mothers to define themselves by their occupation, when they should feel proud to define themselves by their most important job: being a mom.
There are many kinds of fathers in our churches, and all need to be honored and blessed this Father’s Day. Reach out to a larger hearing audience on this important day.
It's vital to honor the fallen, but extremely important to also pray for those left behind. Use for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day or any other patriotic event in the life of your church.
Scripture: Psalms 33:12
Mother's Day is so much bigger than we think, and all mothers need to be highlighted and honored on this important day.
Here's an important welcome announcement from a church veteran. Everyone in your congregation needs a little warning about what can and cannot happen in your worship services.
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