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We all tend to put our possession above God. We seek our treasures first and idolize things without even realizing it. This video explains that if you put God first he will take care of everything in your life.
Jesus tells a parable about two builders: one who built his house on the sand and one who built his house on the rock. This video examines that parable as it relates to one of the most common foundations that people build their lives upon—wealth.
Giving is an essential part of following Jesus. This powerful video will encourage your church to give boldly.
Do we give with an attitude of Joy? This clip challenges us to explore the motivation behind our giving.
Talking about money, for some reason, isn’t always an easy thing. The Rant Guy is here to help. Have fun!
The widow from 1 Kings 17 was hurting. Her husband had died, there was a famine in the land and then her son had passed away. Everything seemed to have been taken away from her. Come and meet this precious woman and learn how putting your lack into God’s hands, supernaturally ushers in the miraculous.
Everyday we let the idols of this world dictate what we do and how we do it. Money and greed often consume us. We love having it, and hate giving it up. We too frequently put our love of money before our love of God. Inspired by the best-selling "That's My King"¯, this convicting piece imagines what it would sound like if someone were to actually preach passionately about the worship of money.
To many, being blessed looks like having wealth, power, and influence. Jesus had a radically different view of what being well-off and being blessed really looks like.
Scripture: Isaiah 55:8-55:9
Time is a valuable gift, but we only have so much of it. Time is like an account that we draw from everyday. One day that account will run out. So how are we spending that time?
A “successful” business man tries to convince us that he has it all together. But if you’re really listening you might hear him saying something else.