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When we're in church, it's easy to get distracted by the good things and miss the Best. Help remind your congregation that worship is all about Jesus.
We are one race with one history on one planet, put here by the God who created it. A powerful video presentation of who God is and who we are in relation to Him.
The Rant Guy is back and talking all about Jesus. If you need a straight-forward, fast-paced, tell-it-like-it-is video about Jesus, then this is for you. Beware, you might get letters.
“Do this in remembrance of Me”...Words we often forget. Communion is not simply about the act of partaking, but also about living a life which remembers the sacrifice of Jesus. “Communion” is a powerful reminder of the importance of the Lord's Supper. Featuring an original soundtrack and moving visuals, this video is a great way to lead into a time of remembrance as well as a great fit for any message or service focused on Communion.
This video pays tribute to many of the names that have been given to Jesus our savior with a progression of both music and animation. A great way to kick off a time of worship, service, series or event.
This is a power packed short intro is built to introduce your time of worship, event or sermon series and remind people of the power in Christ's name. Utilizing powerful music, custom Sound FX, 3D Text Elements and lighting, my prayer is this video is truly a powerful tool in your services arsenal.
This video is a great way to inspire during the worship experience. It proclaims God's worthiness of our praise and worship.
Scripture: Revelation 5:12
Hope is present in Christian churches everywhere, because true Hope is a Person, and His name is Jesus.
This power-packed short intro features the names of Jesus in a high-energy, vibrant expression of worship and praise.
The nails could not hold Him. The cross could not finish Him. The stone could not keep Him. Death could not defeat Him. Use this mini-movie as a powerful intro to your time of worship on Easter Sunday.