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To know the real value of Freedom, one must know the truth of the following statement "Some gave all while all gave some." Christ gave his all to give you freedom and salvation. Likewise some men and women had to give all of themselves so that you and I can have the freedom we enjoy today. Reflect and be grateful. Look at the cross to what freedom costs. If you want people to get the chills, and instill a sense of pride in our country and military, this is the one! This gripping, patriotic film short is great to honor vets, remember the fallen and teach kids the price of their freedom.
"For You" is a passionate, powerful depiction of why Jesus chose the Cross. Also, look for the loop, "Love for the World" that can accompany this short.
We work, accumulate, toil, labor ... for what? It is easy for our work to feel meaningless. This short explores the tension and frustration that comes from defining our purpose from work. "Meaningless" is a great short film for messages on Labor Day, rest, identity and success.
Launch your Easter service elements with this inspirational short-film, and set the tone for the only Story that offers true Hope.
This two minute short reveals God’s desire for unity and how the Evangelical and Orthodox churches in Egypt have united together to exalt Christ as the Head of His Church.
Scripture: Hebrews 4:13
This two minute short sheds light on the power of prayer and how God is opening the eyes of the Egyptian people in one of the darkest periods in its storied history.
Scripture: Hebrews 4:13
This two minute short chronicles a young woman’s final preparations and thoughts before she leaves everything she knows to live in the Philippines to serve Jesus Christ.
Scripture: Luke 9:23-9:27
This two minute short chronicles the story of an Ethiopian businessman who gives up the comforts of his life to follow Jesus by serving the orphan.
Scripture: James 1:19-1:27
This short introduces El Shaddai, an Ethiopian orphan who is being raised by her adopted Ethiopian parents to love Jesus and to sing about His Word. This is her act of worship.