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It's easy to say we believe in God, but often we live our lives as if we don't. It's easy to take what we want out of being a Christ-follower, as if much of the Scripture doesn't apply to us.
Jesus said to the Pharisees in Matthew 23 that they were too concerned with the outward appearance. He compared them to a cup, saying that first they needed to clean the inside of the cup before worrying about what the outside looked like. This video demonstrates that in today’s world we often worry about how the outside of the ‘Cup’ looks without even considering the inside.
Scripture: Matthew 23:26
This deBunked tackles the issue of evangelism. Some Christians say that they don't need to tell anybody about Jesus or the Bible, they just need to live a good life. Others say we need live a life worthy of the calling which includes sharing our faith.
Imagine if our Bible could talk. What would it say? Would we be proud to hear its memoirs? Would it speak of our devotion to God's Word or reveal something different?
Love is more than a word or something we say. Love is life changing. Love is what God gives to us and asks us to give to others. This bright and colorful video is a great way to express the true meaning of love.
Help your people explore the idea that worship can extend into every aspect of our lives. What we say, what we do, how we treat others... everything we do can be worship.
Scripture: John 4:23-4:24
During this holiday season it is often easy to say, "Thank you..." for all our many blessings but does it end there? This video challenges the notion that Thanksgiving is a Holiday of simple words spoken to express gratitude and raises the idea that saying, "Thank you..." means very little if it isn't accompanied with action.
If you could tell God anything and you knew he was listening, what would you say? This film won the grand prize at the Damah Film Festival in Seattle.
What would you say to a friend who betrayed you or disowned you? What would you do to a man who beat you and mocked you? What would you say to the people crucifying you? Jesus showed us what to say and do. Perfect for Good Friday and Easter services or any sermon on forgiveness.
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