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About Church/Ministry
United Methodist Church Of Westford
10 Church Street
Westford, Massachusetts 01886
Phone: 978-692-4176
4 + years
Service Type
Both (different services)
Weekly Attendance
250 - 499

Anne Robertson

United Methodist Church Of Westford

Methodist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
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Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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Gerald Roberts of East Greenbrier Charge
August 31, 2011
Your sermons are very inspirational and thanks so much for them. I to, am a United Methodist minister. Keep on keeping on and may God bless you!
Dianne Kiesz
January 5, 2010
Anne - your EPIPHANY sermon really is helping me this week, as I ponder my message for January 10. It is refreshing to get another woman's perspective - there aren't very many women pastors represented at Sermon Central, so I have really enjoyed meeting you through your sermons. Thank you, and may God bless & increase your ministry in Christ's name. Pastor Dianne Kiesz
sermon comment
Gary Brice of Beaumont Bible Church
January 2, 2008
Sermon: Epiphany
Dear Anne, Not being from a liturgical background, I have had little exposure to the idea of Epiphany. But as a result of your priceless sermon, I will hold Epiphany dear to my heart and celebrate it with anticipation and excitement. Thank you, dear sister, for the wonderful gift that is your message. God bless the heart that shaped, it. Sincerely, G. Brice
Harris Elizabeth
December 20, 2007
I am thankful that God has inspired you to participate in in Sermon Central. My professor assigned me four sermon types to extract from a preacher. Because of time restraints I did not have any to interview. I read several sermons within and out the Sermon Central cite and I found that your sermons were for the people, of God, scripture supported and without the I complex. You are blessing to me because I am a female who has been called to full time church ministry as a pastor. I am dedicated to God, scripture and the people as you are. I struggle financially to attend college but it a small sacrifice for obedience to God. I found a wealth of information within your sermons. I was able to use three of your sermons to complete these assignments. May God add a blessing to your ministry and (your mathematical gifts to count strawberries (smile).)"
sermon comment
Douglas Walker
September 15, 2007
Those I have read have been nice...some could have been a tad longer, but when I get into a good sermon, I rarely am ready for it to end. :)
sermon comment
David Lanier of Ardmore Baptist Church
September 14, 2007
Anne, I have seen Jesus, I was taken to Heaven by two angels, I have seen a supernatural apparition of a cross, there have been about 15 of the "different" dreams, the bones in my body know his voice. I have heard Him speak, even in church, I did what He said to do, and it was what they asked Him to tell me, they were shown proof that I could hear Him.
sermon comment
Melvin Howton of Ethelsville Baptist Church
April 7, 2007
Great Sermon...Here is the second stanza of a poem/song I wrote about Easter that this sermon reminds me of: Mary, quietly came to the tomb early that day. She wanted to be near her Lord. Expecting to find Him there, She walked, full of despair to the place where He had been laid. But oh! what a wonderful sight, For somehow, in the middle of the night, Jesus had risen from that grave! And as the sunrise gave birth to the day, the sunrise chased the darkness away, and the sunrise helped her find her way. Yes the sunrise made everything new and, the sunrise chased her blues all away...yes, the Sonrise made everything alright.
sermon comment
Ed Schoolcraft
April 6, 2007
Excellent sermon - very insightful. Loved all of it, but especially the part about going back to where you last saw Jesus.