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About Church/Ministry
Countesthorpe Baptist Chapel
United Kingdom, *Province/Other LE8 5QH
Phone: 0116 2772468
4 + years
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
0 - 99

Aubrey Vaughan

Countesthorpe Baptist Chapel

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Here at the Baptist Chapel we are seeking to live out Gospel centred lives in the Church & community, we preach Christ Crucified.

Deacon and Elder at Bethel Evangelical free church from 1997- 2005... read more
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sermon comment
James Vincent
September 1, 2011
Sorry but reading something that is in all caps is very difficult to do.
sermon comment
Aubrey Vaughan of Countesthorpe Baptist Chapel
January 24, 2010
Thanks Walt, for the helpful word and guidance although I''ve never read the book I must have gotten this quote from another source, hence I''ve updated the sermon and given acknowledgement as apropiate.
sermon comment
Marcia Smith
December 26, 2009
Thank you for posting your sermon. It is however, difficult to read when it is in all caps.
sermon comment
Marcia Smith
May 9, 2009
Very good sermon. Difficult to read though as it is in all caps.
sermon comment
Brooks Sayer of Riverview
July 13, 2008
I wish i could give this 6 stars.
sermon comment
Walt Jacobs
July 11, 2008
"Since God is love and we must compare our love to him, we come short if we define it in any other way. You see love is a commitment with a beginning and no end." This is a wonderful quote taken from a book about this very topic, Many A Tear has to Fall by Wayne Hudson. He should have been given credit for it. Thanks for the article.
sermon comment
Jim Westheim
January 4, 2007
Great balance and approach to the message principle. Inspires a heart of passion for the mission and cause of Christ.
sermon comment
Aubrey Vaughan of Countesthorpe Baptist Chapel
December 7, 2006
Yes but the way that Jesus communicated was in a way which demonstrated that He was love incarnate not in the stero typical style we see so often today with a heart of stone thats my point. When we preach hell it must me be with compassion and even tears. Do we care enough?