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Bill Sullivan

Tulsa Christian Fellowship

Evangelical/non-denominational, Pastor/Minister

About me:
TCF is a non-denominational, New Testament Church, founded in 1969. Distinctives of TCF are its plural leadership (we have seven elders, no senior pastor), and its missions-mindedness, through which ... read more
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sermon comment
Steven Gaston
December 27, 2013
Looking for answers to lead a truly successful life in Gods kingdom not just getting by, But attaining everything God wants in my life.To produce fruit to the glory of Gods kingdom and to leave this world a blessing from God. To see God save and deliver To share in the Joy of salvation as a individual and witness Gods geatness in others.
sermon comment
Michael Beall
November 19, 2012
Sermon: Affluenza
great message, however seems to be a bit too long
sermon comment
Maria Ross
March 10, 2012
THIS SERMON IS EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sermon comment
Don Jones of West Glendale Baptist Church
October 8, 2006
As one non-conformist to another, good message. I loved the illustration concerning Tommy. Thank you for sharing. Keep your eyes in\on the Son!