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Brian Atwood

Pathway Church

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Pathway Church, a Free Will Baptist Fellowship: Reaching out to unchurched young families by offering practical biblical solutions that meet the needs of the whole person and providing opportunities t... read more
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sermon comment
Eranga Florence
April 2, 2015
,your words really inspired me' thanks alot
sermon comment
Casey Odom
March 14, 2015
,beautiful words
sermon comment
Yomi Kuty
March 7, 2015
,how do i upload a sermon?
sermon comment
Chris Norton
February 24, 2015
sermon comment
Ben Davidson
December 20, 2014
Well he certainly Punished me with No wife and family, and he Blessed so many others with one. Go Figure. I really do Hate the holidays, especially when i am all alone.
sermon comment
Adele Sharpley
January 9, 2015
Hi there! I had to comment because you sound so much like my sister. She's constantly saying God is punishing her by keeping her single. That is so untrue! I always tell her we weren't created to be alone. Man Woman. Adam Eve. There is someone out there for everyone. As clich? as it sounds, it is a hundred percent true. God saw that Adam would be better if he had Eve as his companion. And so don't think like that. Your soulmate is out there. It's just up to you to branch out and find her. I hate to admit this, but my sister is somewhat of a racist, and because of that, she limits herself to one race. I'm with someone of the other race and it is undoubtedly the happiest I've ever been. I'm not saying interracial relationships are the key to happiness but I'm giving an example of how being loving to everyone (in this case, someone of another race who is different from me) is something Christians should practice. We shouldn't judge others or condemn them for any reason. And because I've been able to live by this, I've found my soulmate. Whereas, my sister is still single because she isn't being the best Christian she can be by being slightly racist. Who knows, her own soulmate could be from another race but she'll never know till she learns to look past physical differences. Another thing you want to do is get up and look for that special someone. She won?t just come to you like magic. When you give up and accept that there?s no one for you, you might just miss her in this life, when it counts. Maybe you?ll have another chance in heaven, I don?t know, but it would sure make the time we have on earth sweeter if you find her. God bless and may he see you through your search.
sermon comment
Jerry Carter
October 31, 2014
THANKS I enjoyed it
sermon comment
Danny Brightwell
October 7, 2014
Really good lesson. Thank you for sharing it.