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Simplicity Church Network
PO Box 61125
Corpus Christi, Texas 78466-1125
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Carl Willis

Simplicity Church Network

Evangelical/non-denominational, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Carl Willis is the founder and lead strategist for Simplicity. Prior to launching Simplicity, Carl served as a pastor for churches in Kansas, Pennsylvania and Texas. In his ministry role, the Lord ... read more
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Hello Johnny,I am glad and delighted to read your sermon on "Caring For God's Temple". I was making a research on this topic in preparation of a lesson for devotionals in the hospital chapel service were i am a chaplain in Cameroon. It was indeed helpful. Thank you for inspiring many especially me with such a beautiful Sermon. I hope to be visiting your site here regularly and will be grateful to connect with you and to share ideas together since we both work as ministers of the gospel in God's vine yard. Apart from this, i am also passionate about ministering to the vulnerable group of people in our society especially the orphans, widows, physically challenged and single mothers. I have done this as well as support this group of people for over 09 years.We could be of encouragement to each other as we share our values and challenges.Blessings.Pastor Nche Sam Takoh
sermon comment
Augustine Lan
January 4, 2009
This is excellent. I would like to request a powerpoint presentation, to use at a class in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. Augustine Lan
William Luttrell
January 14, 2008
Very good interpretation of the word. Easy to understand and to digest. Keep up the good work!
sermon comment
Rennon Elliott
June 4, 2007
very good i seem to understand this sermon as the pionts are hit very clearly and it all comes together very well, thank you.