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About Church/Ministry
Calvary Southern Baptist Church
1600 E Cartier Ave
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030
Phone: 702-649-7230
4 + years
Service Type
Both (different services)
Weekly Attendance
1000 +

Charles Mccall

Calvary Southern Baptist Church

Baptist, Assoc. Pastor/Minister

About me:
I serve as an associate youth minister at the Second Baptist Church where Rev. Willie Davis is the pastor.

I have been in the gospel ministry for 17 years. I preached my first sermon in February 1985.... read more
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Rob Perry
February 20, 2015
Greetings. Just Passing through. Writing a book on the topic of Building up of the Body of Christ, and have finished from the title page to the end of the first chapter. I am trying to collect different ideas, from as many sources as possible. I . . .have a special interest in this phrase. A teacher preacher had no idea about it, and I had some humor about it, and the two went together for this book. And, just to let you know . . .there is more. Rob
sermon comment
February 20, 2015
Mary A. Laclair
January 2, 2015
Wait ON the Lord, or Wait FOR the Lord? This question and answer are addressed in an article by the same title at the website listed below:www.TheProverbs120Column.net, which I invite any and all to consider. Thanks for reading...
Gillis Jackson
November 6, 2014
I loved your sermon if only I would have listened to momma and daddy. Thanks for sharing.