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Dan Cale

Evangelical Friends Church

*other, Pastor/Minister

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sermon comment
Gordon Dorsey
March 24, 2012
Shalom if true believers understood true abundant living is in yahvah(GOD) and NOT in worldly posessions we all would be more abundantly secure in our saved lives instead of putting on a fake appearance but inside we are in torment because we have the wrong idea of the abundant life. PASTOR DORSEY
sermon comment
John Montgomery of Wilson General Baptist
April 22, 2011
Excellent... preaching truth may not make you a lot of friends on earth... but this is good truth, brother!
Stephen Smarowsky of SBC
August 12, 2008
Thank you, Dan, for your wisdom and excellent insights on important subjects.
William Oneal
June 3, 2008
I have been a pastor for 26 years and am facing one of the most dificult times of my life.Your message was used of the LORD to help me get a grip on what I have to do to move forward. THANKS GOD BLESS...
Maryann May
April 16, 2008
Pastor Dan's sermons are Bible based and God given. They're great to read online, but they are so much better live at Hughesville's Friends Church. One of my favorites is the series he did in Dec '07 on John 3:16. Great reminder of God's love for us.
sermon comment
Amos Oladipo
February 9, 2008
In fact, this piece should have been the starting point because everything in our lives as Christians hinges on spirituality. It is only when our spirits are tuned to the Almighty God that we will be able to go through all the vissicitudes of life with confidence and peace of mind. Thanks for the series.
sermon comment
James Lee of Elim Bible Church
February 1, 2008
I have truly enjoyed the series on "Abundance" Today there are so many making God nothing but a bubble gum machine. you out in your dime and out falls the goodies. Thank you for a breath of fresh air.
sermon comment
James Lee of Elim Bible Church
January 31, 2008
So far I have only looked at the series on abundant living. These messages really speak to the truth of God's idea for abundant living. In a day when so many are promising so much, if you just pay God enough, thanks for a breath of fresh air!!!
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