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Dan Jackson

Master Plan Ministries

Evangelical/non-denominational, ParaChurch Staff

About me:
Dan served as a Pastor for thirty years before joining Master Plan Ministries in 1996. He serves churches across the country in a Stewardship ministry, primarily leading Capital Stewardship programs f... read more
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sermon comment
Greg Nance of Signal Mountain Church of Christ
April 11, 2015
,I hope you write a book on James. This makes a great chapter.
sermon comment
Bill Walker
February 23, 2015
,Although a little dated chronologically, this is an excellent message that is timeless. Author proves Luther wrong - James is not a "book of straw." - Bill Walker, Retired Chaplain
sermon comment
Jon Evans
September 17, 2014
Nice general discussion/overview of James; doesn't have a thing to do with the verse indicated as the focus, though.
sermon comment
Russell Lyon
September 10, 2014
A truly tremendous message. Thank you.
sermon comment
Donald Shaffer
August 9, 2014
Glad to see people checking facts.
sermon comment
James Whitmore
February 4, 2013
I thought you had some very good thoughts in this sermon. However, I can find no evidence to back up the story of Charlotte Elliott. Seems she was not a vocalist as the illustration claims.
sermon comment
David Thompson
August 15, 2007
This was a nice sermon. However, the illustration regarding Dr. Charles Drew being discriminated against because of his race is incorrect. His widow claimed that all efforts were expended by the medical staff at the hospital in an effort to save his life. This truth was also attested to by other witnesses, including Dr. John Ford, another Afro-American physician, who was traveling with Dr. Drew at the time of the accident.
sermon comment
Leslie Courtney, Jr. of Macedonia Revival Center
January 20, 2007
This was a an excellent message. Well prepared, verse by verse truth of God's word.