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About Church/Ministry
First Baptist Church Of Angels Camp
1555 Depot Rd.
Angels Camp, California 95222
Phone: 209-736-2464
4 + years
Service Type
Both (different services)
Weekly Attendance
0 - 99

Dave Kinney

First Baptist Church Of Angels Camp

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

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sermon comment

March 1, 2015
,thanks to the author.From now on I will view myself a practical atheist when I attempt to sin against God.
sermon comment

March 1, 2015
,great discussion, I understand that there is a practical atheist in every sinner.
sermon comment
Henry Ghansah
May 17, 2014
Great sermon.....powerful and precise
sermon comment
Robyn Madgwick
April 3, 2014
Have been attacked by Asherah Jezebel and some of the cohorts for over a year. Half the once very close family have excluded me from their lives. My parents (Christians both and people who have studied and walked in warfare) are blind to the deception. My oldest daughter .. water baptised and one who has also walked in warfare .. prefers the from deception. And if I try to go back and re-write anything on this page the set up stuffs it up.
sermon comment
Jeffrey Militti
December 4, 2009
How can I get the Power point to this sermon?
sermon comment
Davon Huss of Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ
November 2, 2009
The outline on this sermon was just what I needed. Thanks you so much! God bless!
sermon comment
Dennis Gleason of Salt Creek Bible Church
August 1, 2009
Well done. Wonders upon Wonders that our Lord has created. Enjoy them all! One thought about the hummingbirds, I hope the migration from Alaska to Hawaii is a typo or hummingbirds must be good night swimmers!!! Keep up the good work.
sermon comment
Floro Fides San Buenaventura of Miracle Life Christian Fellowship
April 8, 2009
What a great sermon Pastor Dave. I''ve read it all from part 1 to 4. I would love to read more about the preaching on the Tabernacle. How is it related to Christ? Preferably all the symbolical meaning of it in detailed. God bless and more power and anointing from God.