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David Yarbrough

Brookside Baptist Church

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

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sermon comment
Scott Ross
April 3, 2013
I don''t understand the reference to Mormon baptism on behalf of the dead. That doctrine is heretical and has no place in an orthodox Christian discussion of baptism. Is the author of this sermon Mormon, because they are labeled as "Baptist" in their bio?
sermon comment
David Yarbrough of Brookside Baptist Church
June 23, 2012
@ John Murphy Your right no where in Scripture is it called a symbol, or an outward sign of an inward change. But please note when I said, "an outward sign of an inward change" it was part of the question not the answer. "What does the Word of God teach about baptism, which is an outward sign of an inward change in someone?s life?" Thank you.
sermon comment
Gerald Graham
October 26, 2011
??? I find none of the scriptural references that John has suggested to baptism.
sermon comment
John Murphy of So Shore Christian Chruch
October 21, 2011
No where is baptism called an outward sign of an inward change. It is not called a symbol. it is called the place from where we are buried with Christ, raised to new life and clothed with Christ. From no other place are we told this takes place.
sermon comment
Richard Womack
January 23, 2010
A Powerful message that reveals modern day lessons. Thank you for a relevent and relational appreach to God''s greater miracles in our lives.
sermon comment
Chris Bennett of New Community Church
December 11, 2009
I also found this outline very helpful but the rat illustration could leave the feeling like my life ends up in death by drowning.
Cheryl Piercy
October 23, 2008
Wonderful Sermons!!! Very annointed! Would love to see more.
sermon comment
Greg Aery of Chosen Vessel Ministries
November 26, 2006
I enjoyed this sermon very much. I am a huge fan of Elijah and I find it to be very encouraging that this mighty man of God faced the same challenges as do we.