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El-shaddai Full Gospel Church
Swagath Function Hall
Hyderabad, *Province/Other 500056
Phone: 919848004094
4 + years
Service Type
Both (different services)
Weekly Attendance
100 - 249

David Mende

El-shaddai Full Gospel Church

Assembly Of God, Pastor/Minister

About me:
El-Shaddai Full Gospel Church is a Church on fire for God which emphasizes on Worship, Word, and Evangelism.

Pastor David Mende has been into full-time ministry for since February 2002. He has ministe... read more
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Elizabeth Kampororo
December 17, 2014
MY WORD! THIS word was PHENOMENAL! JUST what I needed to READ! (I'm sorry I'm SHOUTING, but I am OVER-THE-TOP about this word)! I am going through the WORST financial storm of my LIFE and it's NOT in my control, so I asked Jesus, the Prince of Peace, to give me peace. He led me to David's article. Not only did I receive peace and take many notes for later reference, but also I got a bigger vision of Who God IS, something I have been praying for. GOD is AMAZING as far as how He answers prayer! SO MUCH BETTER than we could ASK or IMAGINE! THANK YOU, DAVID! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
sermon comment
David Mende of El-Shaddai Full Gospel Church
July 13, 2009
Dear Gaston, thank you for your feedback. Even if this story is not true, I''m sure that hell is more terrible than what we read in this story. That''s why I gave this disclaimer in my sermon. "Note: We can’t be 100 % sure that these people heard the screams from hell, but we can be absolutely sure that the screams are going to be more terrible than what we just heard!" I did go through the websites you''ve mentioned and am withdrawing the article that appeared in the Finnish newspaper from my sermon.
sermon comment
John Gaston of First Assembly of God
July 13, 2009
The "A Trip To Hell" story has been debunked on snopes.com, Christianity Today and Biblical Archeology Review