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Ed Vasicek

Highland Park Church

Independent/bible, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Our church is a Bible church and we emphasize Biblical exposition, delving into the Jewish backgrounds of our faith. We are doctrinally oriented, conservative but non-legalistic, and enjoy blended ser... read more
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sermon comment
Harris Magusha Charambeni
June 19, 2015
,I am going through this sermon. I am astounded. The victims are asking Dylann Roof to repent because God loves him. He has an opportunity during his time of difficulty, Christ is asking for his heart just as the confessing thief at the moment of his death. May God bless him. May God bless the victim and wipe tears from their eyes.
sermon comment
Peter Loughman of new plant
August 4, 2009
Ed, as usual, good stuff - Thanks.
sermon comment
David Davis
April 19, 2009
this dog will hunt
sermon comment
Marno Boshoff of Lewende Woord
March 28, 2009
Thanks, very personal and confronting way to look at the cross
This is the best sermon on this text. It gives illustrations and insight
Gary Rice
January 17, 2008
Thanks Ed for making the Scriptures relevant to our lives. It is a reflection of your own walk - and endurance - with the Lord.
David Knell of Copper Country Bible Church
April 5, 2007
I have known Pastor Ed Vasicek for more than twenty years. We worked together at Camp Emmanuel, an independent and free of cost camp for 17 years. He is a precious brother who is intelligent, sensitive to all ages and courteous to all. I highly recommend that you read his sermons because he will stretch your thinking. I praise God for getting to know this man. We have done some humble work together. I remember shoveling mud and dead frogs out of the camp pool together. It doesn't get much more lowly than that. I hope our dwelling places in heaven are in close proximity. Keep on preaching Pastor Ed!
sermon comment
David Rees-thomas
December 7, 2006
An excellent outline with many ideas about "the love of God" that could provide motivation to develop a comprehehensive series on this subject.