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About Church/Ministry
Online World Evangelism Fellowship Of Lakeland, Fl
2038 Sylvester Rd
Lakeland, Florida 33512
Phone: 863 687 9846
1 - 3 years
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
0 - 99

Eugene Pansler Jr

Online World Evangelism Fellowship Of Lakeland, Fl

Pentecostal, Evangelist/Missionary

About me:
World Evangelism Fellowship Evangelsit

30 years in public education about the same number as pastor and evangelist

M A Education
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sermon comment
Grace Bailey
May 29, 2015
So accurate, timely, right down to the point, but, where are the good, the bad and the ugly details? We come to you for not necessarily for the BIG answers, but who, what, where when ??? I went to your page here, as per suggestion, on Christian Mingle, so now, I want to get to know you on a more personal level. my email is or (352) 840-5414 Jesus renamed me Grace (it just so happens that Nancy means full of grace!) Looking forward to hearing from you in some way or fashion prior to Rapture! Take care, Grace