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Frank Gallagher

Abiding In The Word

Independent/bible, ParaChurch Staff

About me:
My ministry, Abiding In The Word, spreads the gospel to the unsaved, and assists serious students of God’s word to find accurate, consistent, and free Bible study resources. These include tapes, publ... read more
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sermon comment
Michael Lum
March 19, 2014
Overall a good message. Salvation always has been and always will be "by faith". Some really good thoughts, but also gross overstatement in some areas. Many of the comments about things the thief did not do are directed toward the church which did not start for another 50 days after Jesus was resurrection on Pentecost (Acts 2). For all practical purposes, the thief lived under the Mosaical Law and therefore could not adhere to the pattern of things that had not occured... ie: baptism (for remission of sins); joining a local church (actually Jesus adds the saved to His church-Acts 2:47); shedding tears of repentence (how do you know he did not shed tears when he confessed Jesus was God and asked Him remember him?). God sees the heart and He has the right to save whomever He wishes, but he makes clear the plan of salvation and the importance of some of the items that you seem to want to minimize based on this single passage. Would he have been saved if he had not cried out to Jesus? Did he not confess Jesus as Lord and that he was a sinner (and you also instructed listeners to confess sin at the first of your lesson)? Most of the examples you gave are of things that were either impossible for him to do and that is what weakens the point of "faith-only" salvation. Have never seen anyone in Scripture called "righteous" with no actions/words on his or her part? James says, "faith without works is dead"...we don't work to be saved--it's because we are saved and thankful.