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Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church
19911 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Tampa, Florida 33647
Phone: (813) 973-2484
4 + years
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
100 - 249

Freddy Fritz

Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian/reformed, Pastor/Minister

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sermon comment
Doctor Yattz
August 8, 2015
,If I heard this sermon sitting in a Presbyterian church, I'd be wanting to shout my objections over the congregations: "WHAT? THAT'S your conclusion? What of Thomas Jefferson's insistence that Paul CORRUPTED Christ's message?" Your source absolving Paul of being "the chief culprit?" Paul himself! But The Damascas Document, the Dead Sea Scrolls, even Acts itself, all show that Paul was believed by Jesus' apostles - even his own brother - to have fabricated the early Christian church and falsified its message, which was mostly at odds with Jesus' own. This sermon will sound to anyone listening as weak propaganda, and will provide no way for a congregation to contend with some quite serious questions about the veracity of the New Testament.
sermon comment
Charles Wilkerson of Kenton Church
July 30, 2015
,Hadn't heard the joke about the three huts. So going to use that this Sunday
Travis Leib of Bible Holiness
July 5, 2015
Good points for this sermon. I appreciated it Brother.
sermon comment
Dan Majaducon
February 6, 2015
Thanks for your sermon. I am blessed. In my study, Daniel 7 is a parallel of Daniel 2. Chapter 7 has four beasts but chapter two has 4 metals. Each metal represents a kingdom starting from Nebuchadnezzar or Babylon as the head of gold (Chapter 2). God opened to Daniel yet again another vision with the same meaning but with additional information