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Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church
19911 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Tampa, Florida 33647
Phone: (813) 973-2484
4 + years
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
100 - 249

Freddy Fritz

Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian/reformed, Pastor/Minister

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sermon comment
Dan Majaducon
February 6, 2015
,Thanks for your sermon. I am blessed. In my study, Daniel 7 is a parallel of Daniel 2. Chapter 7 has four beasts but chapter two has 4 metals. Each metal represents a kingdom starting from Nebuchadnezzar or Babylon as the head of gold (Chapter 2). God opened to Daniel yet again another vision with the same meaning but with additional information
sermon comment
Danny Brightwell
January 28, 2015
,This is an excellent lesson. Thank you for sharing it.
sermon comment
Ken Nick
November 16, 2014
Your Baby's Baptism ------ Two points: 1.)There are Jews, young and old, all over the world circumcised according to Jewish law. Will they all be saved and go to Heaven? 2.)The New Testament Bible clearly teaches one to repent and be baptized (Acts 2:38). Peter told the crowd of old and young this command of Christ (Mark 16:15-16).
sermon comment
Terry Thompson
October 30, 2014
In all due respect, I think your answer is not very deep. Who among us has seen the ascended Christ with our own eyes, or heard Him speak audibly? Who among us has been called to be an apostle? Who among us performs miracles, knowingly writes scripture, corrects and adomonishes the church of Christ with power and authority? Have any of us been used to disrupt the commerce and religion of entire cities, or been required to stand before kings and rulers for the gospel? Certainly Paul was a man as we are, yet none of us have been given the authority that was given to Paul. Considering all of the above facts, it is too shallow to claim that Paul suffered shame in the same way we would suffer shame. It would be better to reason that Paul would be tempted to suffer shame because he knew what a miserable sinner he had been, even the chief of sinners. But then we know Paul gave counsel to Timothy to not be ashamed. Did Timothy live the same godless life before conversion? Appparently not, according to Paul's testimony of Timothy's youth. I believe that the only temptation to shame that Paul, Timothy, or any one of us could suffer, is the shame of speaking boldly of the Sovereign Creator's choice of those who will be saved, even the worst of sinners (I would argue Paul's assessment of that title if it had not been scripture!), and bypassing those who in the eyes of the world are righteous and good. All due respect.
sermon comment
Terry Thompson
October 30, 2014
Another viewpoint would be to consider the philosophy of the day, which is not that different from today. The Greeks aspired to humanist supremacy, the Jews believed in supremacy as a God-given right. Then Paul comes along and says both need to repent, but God has established the number of those who would be saved, nevertheless, the gospel call is to all men to repent. The backlash from all men would be great. What a contradictory view! God calls us to repent, but He has established the number who will be saved? How ridiculous to the human mind. It all comes down to the supremacy of God, and that none of us can look into the secret things that belong to Him alone.
sermon comment
Johannes Jacobs
October 29, 2014
Thank you so much as part of a Christ Loving Reformed Church I found this sermon very helpful - God bless.
sermon comment
Steve Shepherd of First Christian Church
November 2, 2013
Brother Freddy, Very good sermon. Thank you and God bless you.
sermon comment
John E Miller of Mustard Seed Fellowship
November 3, 2011
I think that this an excellent, thoughtful, well-prepared gospel message. Would that it was more typical of the sermons preached in many church buildings today!