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Church Of The Covenant
11688 Mill Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240
Phone: 513-851-5100
4 + years
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0 - 99

Glenn Durham

Church Of The Covenant

Presbyterian/reformed, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Church of the Covenant is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We have traditional, Biblical worship which emphasizes hymns with great theology, Psalm singing and an awareness of the ... read more
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sermon comment
Justin Franky
April 22, 2013
Being humble is kinda a loss in this society. If everyone was humble that would be great for the world. But that''s not how our world is today and you kind of get stepped on and walked all over if you''re that way. Being nice is great but you''ve got to not be a NICE GUY.
sermon comment
Charles Roland
April 13, 2013
Great sermon !! Thank you for your study and insights. God Bless!
sermon comment
Jim Ressegieu
September 19, 2012
Excellent! Thank You!

January 15, 2011
This man is obviously not called by God to be a pastor, He does not have the heart or spirit of a servant...he is egotistical and ignorant of Gods word...he has and continues to offend many and hurt people and familys through his ignorance. His church has disintegrated and is attended only by couple of familys now. He has no accountability, very weak and ignorant elders, Maury Penn, Robert Taylor, who serve in complete denial of the wrong doings perpetrated by the church. He is not able to practise what he preaches and has driven attendance away to other churches. Go find your calling some place else brother Glen !! I pray for his repentance. God has answered my prayers in dismantling this church.
Glenn Durham
July 29, 2013
It is difficult to respond to anonymous comments since I am not sure which particular failures bother this person. She/he claims me as a brother, so maybe they know me well. Certainly I have many failings, including (but not limited to) pride and ignorance. Still, it seems to me a shame to pray for the dismantling of a church. We can be thankful that Church of the Covenant has called a new pastor, one who will, I am quite hopeful, have none of failings and weaknesses of her previous pastor!
sermon comment
James Price
November 9, 2009
Very powerful sermon!
sermon comment
Greg Nance of Signal Mountain Church of Christ
August 27, 2009
Wow, Glen, thanks for a wonderful message. God bless your ministry.
sermon comment
Lionel Morgan of Chalmers Mem. ARP
March 13, 2009
''Just read your sermon on the dynamic church and prayer. It was terrific, inspiring, and well-done. Please post your very helpful messages.Thanks!
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