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About Church/Ministry
Crane Eater Community Church
3168 Red Bud Road N.E.
Calhoun, Georgia 30701
Phone: 706-629-5040
4 + years
Service Type
Weekly Attendance
100 - 249

Howard Strickland

Crane Eater Community Church

Church Of God, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Crane Eater Community was Estiblished in 1914. Itís so easy to teach and preach there because it has had some great men and women of God in the pews and pulpit!

Almost 20 years of the good life!

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sermon comment
Marcia Joseph
March 15, 2014
When Jesus came he came full of grace and truth but under the law ! Is this true or false. I'm having this conversation as I speak with my presbytery. Ref john 81-12 - the debate is go and sin no more is fulfilling the law at that point and is not grace. Please I need clarity
Sorry for the delay, yes, that's true.
Robert Nelson
January 8, 2014
Hi dear how are you ? Hope good i would like to make friend with you if you don't mind,I also have some issues to discuss with you privately so i want you to reply to my private email so we can discuss more better for good understanding.God bless,Awaiting Your Response Mr Robert Nelson.
sermon comment
Howard Strickland of Crane Eater Community Church
September 26, 2010
Sermon: Take Courage
Many were strengthen through this word.
Gay Phillips
August 26, 2010
My husband and I found Craneeater just a few weeks before they moved into the wonderful new sanctuary. If there had not been a new sanctuary, we still would have joined because as beautiful as the sancturay is, it does not compare to the beautiful spirit of the people and the pastor of this church. The singing, teaching and preaching are full of God's Spirit and we have grown since coming to this body of believers. I can't wait until Sunday now because I have a new family and pastor that I know will be there if I need him. Thank you so much God for these dear people.
Howard, thanks for the encouragement on a recent message of mine. I have appreciated and read your work for quite a while. Thanks for serving Him.
Robert Gay
February 7, 2009
Rev. Howard is my pastor, and my friend. He came to our church in the midst of great turmoil, but he has guided us throught it with the grace of God. He is a humble and faithful man of God, we are blessed to have him and his family to lead our congregation. God Bless you Howard and your family, together we will build God's Kingdom! We love you.
sermon comment
Jerry Gaddis of Church Of God
October 26, 2008
Keep preaching the truth! I am blessed by all your sermons.