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About Church/Ministry
National Outreach Convention
Witton House - Lower Road
Chorleywood, *Province/Other WD3 5LB
Phone: +44 (0) 1923 287777
4 + years
Service Type
Both (different services)
Weekly Attendance
1000 +

J John

National Outreach Convention

*other, Evangelist/Missionary

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sermon comment
Dennis Davidson of First Baptist Bluegrass
December 14, 2010
Many thanks to our Father and to you for the gift of this Christmas message. God spoke to me as I read it.
Terry Stewart
December 27, 2007
thanks for sharing the insight god has given you so others might come to christ.
sermon comment
Michael Murphy
December 23, 2007
Cogratulations JJohn for your incisive use of this Christmas Classic to reach lost people. Jesus when addressing lost people didn't use the word but rather invariably chose to draw on contemporary real life issues of the day to communicate the greatest message of all time.
sermon comment
J John of National Outreach Convention
December 19, 2007
thanks for your suggestion David Johnston - much appreciated :) j.john
sermon comment
David Johnston of Wyandotte Tabernacle
December 16, 2007
Great Christmas message...perhaps he should publish a book entitled "4 Standards for Christmas Gift Shopping for you Wife." Very good points indeed.
sermon comment
J John of National Outreach Convention
December 14, 2007
ouch.....ummmm...I disagree with Tim Adams comment. This particular talk was given specifically to a non-Christian audience and interestingly a significant number made first time commitments to Christ - be assured you don't have the full text of my I frequently ad lib! PLEASE DO NOT dismiss the manner in which I endeavour to communicate the message of Christmas to others. I am sure if Jesus was here today, he woudl use 'movies' as his parables! And yes Vicki you are right - I don't know how that verse got there - sorry :)
sermon comment
Tim Adams of Aletheia Baptist Fellowship
December 9, 2007
It would be very important to understand that sermons come from scripture, not secular literature. Paul tells Timothy to "preach the Word." A good speech, Christmas pep talk, or holiday homily of psychology but not a sermon. It does not fit with Sermon Central
sermon comment
Vicki Alston
December 9, 2007
I am not sure how the scripture supports the message.