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James Boyd

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Charismatic, Assoc. Pastor/Minister

About me:
A growing, interactive Full Gospel Christian site dedicated to the Good News of the Gospel, the integrity of the Word of God, and the unspeakable joy of the Spirit-filled life. Let the River flow!

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Carla Miller
July 10, 2015
Hi James, My Husband is the minister at MCRD (The military boot camp for marines)My husband is not a trained preacher but is the minister to these recruits. He did 24 years in the Navy himself. We look for you tubes and sermons for him to show them. When he and I read your sermon on Issues or life3 self defense, firearms and the military, from march of 2003. We both new this is just what they need. It is hard to teach love when they are getting ready to learn to be a fighter.You nailed this with a wonderful gift of speach. and Bible verces That cut all the confusion out.Such a great ballance of truth and Love. My husband read your sermon word from word to them. He asked them if they struggle with being a christain and entering a military life and 12 raised there hands. They had lots of Questions after and Knew christanity and the military were not a contradiction in the end. Thank you I absolutly Love that message!!!